Labyrinth - To capture aliens

Photo of Labyrinth - To capture aliens 1/1 by Indresh Pal

It's in the middle of nowhere, on top of the hill. You can find this out while you are on trek route from gokarna main beach to kudle beach. There is an abandoned camping hammock below the hill, which you can find out just near the trail. There are two of such labyrinth on top of hill. If you are somewhere near monsoon season, you will be welcome with lush green grass on labyrinth. Try not to mess around monument and preserve the beauty to be seen for others also.

Also, they say that labyrinth was able to attract and confuse aliens coming from above and we use to capture them with the help of it.

April, 2018

Exact coordinates: 14°32'07.6"N 74°18'45.3"E