12th Mar 2019
Photo of #LettersFromTripoto by Lakshya pawa

To V and S,

It has been a long time hasn't it?

This trip is one of my most cherished ones, for it was an escape within an escape.

This was the trip where "we didn't pack any f***s to give". Between jumping off a cliff in Bir and meditating in Dharamkot, we surely covered a lot.

But for me, the highlights were the moments we stole for ourselves.

I know we have grown a lot since then but all I wanted to say through this letter is that if I get the chance again, I'll try to not complain about the Spinach Pizza.



P.S. - S will agree with me when I say that the pizza was really bad.

Photo of #LettersFromTripoto 1/2 by Lakshya pawa
Photo of #LettersFromTripoto 2/2 by Lakshya pawa
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