11th Oct 2019
Photo of #myFirst by Vibha Haveri

My first attempt to write something which I am very fond of. "Travelling".
I would not like to call it a usual cliched travel blog , This is something more on my personal
side, citing how i usually look at my journey.
I am not really sure when this fondness for Travel started, and as a kid all I can remember is
visiting temples and religious places in far off places with parents and relatives.
One such place which I always looked forward going to is UDUPI. I don't quite remember
how many times I have been there,or when was the first time I visited Udupi.But I just love
the vibes of the place. Starting from Krishna Matta , to numerous beaches in and around ,
the wide canopy of coconut trees lining the beaches, the bridges , and the most peaceful
evenings I have spent there, just everything about it.
May be a series of these family trips might have triggered my senses for travelling and
lookout for new places and all the experiences around it . And each one of us might have
had one such stroke of insight , where we might have felt “yes.. I like this, I love doing
this!!!” and that's how pretty much most of our stories begin.

Usually , the real excitement of the trip starts a day before . The initial thoughts like ,
Figuring out how the weather would be , which places to visit ,what should we carry , food
for the journey , etc etc ..
But as usual , what most of us do is ,rushing from office on a busy friday evening and
starting to pick clothes , pack , shop if any , buy food and have dinner , we basically do
everything in a jiffy and run to catch the bus/train. This routine never changes.

I personally have been a big group traveller all this time. And that's one thing which really
makes me euphoric about , “the more the merrier.. “
The company of group of bonkers best friends, crazy family , lame cousin gang anything
which adds up to the vibe of the tribe is always a perfect start.
Group travel is most fun because of the wide variety of people i can meet , exchanging
talks, or may be just meeting friends after a long time on a fun filled trip…. That's quite
satisfying right ? And of course the fun lies in dancing , singing , playing , eating together
and many more… and that is why it's aptly said “It's all about the journey than the
destination “. I completely second with this… it is my favourite part too…

The destination always holds surprises …..
Personally Having been to monsoon treks , beaches , historical places , architectural
wonders , snow capped mountains , dessert , most vibrant palaces ,islands, forests , lakes ,
plantations, or just a simple hike…. each one of these has a great variety of affairs to offer. The breathtaking views, crimson red sun sets , a sky full of stars , peaceful beaches ,
exuberant waterfalls, lush green forests .. Every teeny tiny thing is a bit of joy for me.
And sharing such things with your loved ones makes it more joyful.
I strongly believe there is no way something as mighty as nature can disappoint us.
“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” - That's what this world is all about.
Having said that , everything has to end , the trip definitely does too. The night journeys
on the way back , sitting beside a window and staring at those almost empty roads and
calm night skies always fills me with void. The same route which got me in high spirits a
couple of days back , has something different to offer this time. Is it becz we miss the fun ?
or getting back to the same old routine ? or the thought of having to do the daily hustles yet
again ? The reasons can be many and more . But , Return is indeed inevitable.
Monday blues are a mandatory thing  and especially after a good trip, it just gets too
much. Don't we get to start daydreaming about how good the trip was? and texting the
trip troop how tired we are , and how we need to do such trips as often as we can , all these
things pretty much sums up the post trip day ritual. When the usual 9-5 work ends ,we
get back home , and that's when we start digging into the gallery. pictures we got clicked,
dance videos recorded , songs played and sung . More like reliving the favourite moments
again… may be a lil bit though..!!!
And finally!!! choosing the best picture to upload on Instagram… isn't it what we all do?? Ha
ha pretty much yes….:)…. Well that's when most of my trips come to an end. A very well
Happy end.
Well Each trip gives us a whole new perspective … as each one is unique in its own way…
Each travel has taught me to complain less , shed the selfish side , value little things . Most
importantly we get out of our comfort zone and meet a new version of ourselves …… isn't
that a great deal of life drill…..!! I think it surely is….
So Shall we all ponder a little bit and figure out what makes us Happy!? Give it a thought..
Let's all do more of such things which gives us real pleasure and contentment.
Lets try our best to be the free-spirited soul’s which we all truly are…
Let's never miss on such chances .. in any which way!!!!!!