Nainital : Capital of India's Lake District

Photo of Nainital : Capital of India's Lake District 1/7 by Anikita Priya
Photo of Nainital : Capital of India's Lake District 2/7 by Anikita Priya
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Before my trip to Nainital, I came across a itinerary on tripoto - In the lap of ageing queen : Shimla by Naresh Tomar. He narrated his trip in such a manner that I could feel the enjoyment he had felt at that time. As I found his story quite interesting.. I read his other travel stories like Island of seduction: Khirsu, Chennai : Through the eye of professional shooter and more... Although I had never met this person and hadn't even talked to him. But his itinerary  brought the spirit of traveller and writer inside me. So after reading his wonderful trips I decided to write my experience at nainital on tripoto... So I want to thanks tripoto for making us discover the traveller inside us and Naresh Tomar also whose trips inspired me to write...

Many of you might have visited Nainital , a beautiful hill station in Himalayas. So me with my family decided to hit this beautiful hill station in the monsoon. Yes , you read it right : MONSOONS, a time when we can truly connect to the nature, feel the raindrops, see the greenery the surrounds the mountain, smell the smell of moses and variety of flowers..

As our last stop of the train was at Kathgodam. From there we took a taxi and by road went to Nainital. It was simply a wonderful drive with cold breeze hitting my face and the tall deodar trees took me to the ninth cloud. We stayed at HOTEL KRISHNA near Naini Lake. Tired of the journey , we rested for sometime and then went to explore the Naini Lake,  the exotic Lake which gave Nainital its name. The speciality of this lake is that its breadth, length and depth cannot be measured by anyone. The calm water of Naini Lake made me forgot about my tiredness. There were pedal boats and rowboats in it. The pedal boats were in three different shapes: duck shaped, fished shaped and the standard ones. We did boating in the fish shaped pedal boats in the Naini Lake. After enjoying the boating we went to have darshan at Naini Temple which is build in the upper edge of the Lake. According to mythology it is believed that while the Shivji was carrying the body of Sati , her body was cut into 51 pieces so as to protect the earth from Shiva's wrath. Her green coloured eye fall at this place therefore the water of naini lake is green in colour.

After the darshan we roamed in the TIBETAN MARKET -  this market has something for each one of us . We brought some warm clothes and few candles from there.

Photo of Nainital : Capital of India's Lake District 6/7 by Anikita Priya
Tibetan market

We walked back towards our hotel and while returning had the corn of nainital... the taste of the corn was sweet as sugar and it dissolves in one bite only...  I had the best corn of my life over there.

On 2nd day we woke up at 8am and could see the clouds touching the ground. It was really a loving experience to see the clouds touching the ground. After having our breakfast ,we had a driver to take us around Nainital. While driving towards the China Peak , I could feel the clouds touching me ... it was a feeling like i was passing or walking on the cloud... the weather looked more pleasant as my favourite song Aao milo chalen of Jab We Met was being played inside the car... and I was just feeling the same....that this journey should go on and on.... We had a magnificent view of Himalayas from these hills.

Next we visited the Nainital Zoo. It's really an attitude zoo. Height and tigers are the attraction of the zoo. We had never seen such a wonderful place anywhere in life. We stayed there for a few hours on the lap of nature.

Photo of Nainital : Capital of India's Lake District 7/7 by Anikita Priya
Tiger at Nainital Zoo

As our short trip to Nainital had come to an end with us returning towards our hotel and then again towards the Kathgodam Railway station.

So readers, pack your bags and take the road to a blissful and rejuvenating experience, called Nainital….

Hope, soon, I will share another trip of mine with you all. I just wish all enjoy their life. Travelling is my passion and love driving in the hills.

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Gud interesting...keep it up
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Your wlcm
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thank you my inspiration... Your comment have a great value for me.. :)
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Interesting and Amazing trip
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thanks for your appreciation
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