One day Excursion to Phi Phi Islands - Thailand!

24th Jan 2018
Photo of One day Excursion to Phi Phi Islands - Thailand! by Radhika Arora
Day 1

During our trip to Phuket, we decided to take a 1 full day trip to Phi PHi Island by speed boat. We booked our tour through a local travel agent near our hotel among 4-5 options given, more or less with the same services. We paid around 1250 Baht per person for the trip. The islands comprises of beaches and crystal clear water with natural beauty protected by national park status.

View from the boat

Photo of View from the boat by Radhika Arora


Photo of Island by Radhika Arora

In the speed boat

Photo of In the speed boat by Radhika Arora

In between the Boats

Photo of In between the Boats by Radhika Arora


Photo of Relaxed by Radhika Arora

Khai Nai Island

Photo of Khai Nai Island by Radhika Arora

On the way

Photo of On the way by Radhika Arora

Viking Caves

Photo of Viking Caves by Radhika Arora


Photo of Snorkeling by Radhika Arora

Phi Phi Island

Photo of Phi Phi Island by Radhika Arora

We started from the pier point from Phuket and took a speed boat. Our boat had around 50 people with us and were color coded blue through a band given to us. It was a very good idea to take to speed boat than a cruise as we could enjoy the scenic beauty of the place in open air. The journey was around 45 minutes and we first reached the sister island , Maya Bay. Maya bay is known for its soft white sand and underwater colorful and exotic fishes which is clearly visible in its clear water. A lot of people come there for a snorkeling. We stopped there for around 45 mins - 1 hr for snorkeling.

Our next stop was we headed to Phi Phi Don. Phi Phi Don island is the largest island in this group of islands. This island is only accessible by ferry from Phuket or Krabi. We visited the viking caves while leaving from phi phi islands which gave an insight of impressive scenic beauty with clear green water and high rise mountains.

Last but not the least we landed at Khai Nai Island for lunch and were given around 90 mins to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. We were given our leisure time to swim and to just be ourselves in the wonderful and beautiful island. With the stunning views we couldn't resist ourselves from the tremendous photo opportunities we could find in the island with its beautiful turquoise water in the background. We could also easily feel the fishes swimming through your legs in clear water.

Famous for its splendid views, Phi Phi stood to its name and did not disappoint us in any way.