Pawna Camp - Land of Peace

24th Feb 2019
Day 2

The second day we had a marathi style powa in the breakfast and also we needed to checkout by 11am in the morning so we decided to swim one more time in the Pawna lake before heading to our homes and coming back into real life so the experience was amazing specially when you come with your happening friends to enjoy the nature and eqaully the temperature was falling down to 16° celcius very wonderful mood at night time.


Photo of Pawna Lake, Maharashtra by mayur lodaya

Lake View

Photo of Pawna Lake, Maharashtra by mayur lodaya

Pawna Lake

Photo of Pawna Lake, Maharashtra by mayur lodaya

Camp site G-Spot

Photo of Pawna Lake, Maharashtra by mayur lodaya

Panaromic View

Photo of Pawna Lake, Maharashtra by mayur lodaya

Peppy Paneer

Photo of Pawna Lake, Maharashtra by mayur lodaya
Day 1

Pawna Lakeside Camping

The trip started from vikhroli to all the way last stop was Pawna lake camp zone i.e. G-spot and we began of our ride from the very owned fav car Tata Qualis  which holds the capacity of 10 persons easily and also we had an amazing friend who drives the car seamlessly we were totally free from the risk to our life because that guy was amazing and supremely talented about his driving skills so we started our ride with the name of lord Ganesha the roads were pretty decent till Lonavala came and then we had our lunch break in Lonavala Food Mall amazing place to sit by and have a delicious meal as we choose the most favorite and regular outlet of every Indian DOMINOS so we had a big peppy paneer pizza and believe me that was a real deal also the appetite of every one was satisfied. So now we headed once again towards our destination now the path going to the Pawna lakeside is very tricky and confusing so please ask your organizer to send the current location of the camp site properly to start google maps and head towards it. we stood by a place where the Scenic beauty was amazing also we clicked some amazing photos of nature and had a group selfie as a proof to step into a place of heaven. We were having a quality time in the car lots of song and chitchats. One thing need to be clearly remembered that the road after Lonavala are quite not good to drive your care so please do take care to have a extra pair of tires with you so anyways we reached the point and there we found an amazing mesmerizing environment with a cold breeze coming to us and making us joyful so now the tents were already allocated to us we headed to our camp changed the clothes and then ran to enjoy the lake water and swim into the lake to enjoy the moments. The evening sunset was so wonderful that we had some silent moment till the sun sets fully and then night is started with barbeque food and some amazing dinner platter with a live singing concert arranged for us specially to soothe our soul