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How I got my Schengen Visa approved and travelled 8 days solo to Europe...My Journey

After thinking a lot on locations both in India and Abroad, I finally decided to take my first solo trip to Central Europe..Obviously me being a single woman travelling solo, it was  very difficult to convience the family and near ones..Finally once I managed that, Idecided to apply for my visa. I followed the normal procedure as instructed by my travel agent and applied for my visa. My tickets, refundable though were booked and I waited for almost 15 days for my visa to arrive...and finally after 15 days, got to know my visa was shattered all my dreams to travel solo..I was clueless about what happened.All my documents were proper and there was no reason whatsoever that I should not get my visa. I was disappointed and was in middle of nowhere..I did lot of research and the only reason I could figure out was, as it was for the 1st time I was travelling solo,the Embassy felt I would not return back(silly reason I know ).

Though I had just 15 days left for my journey to begin, I still took a decision of reapplying for the visa..I got lot of advice from people to change the itinerary and reapply in different Embassy..but I decided to stick to same itinerary and with same Embassy..What i did differently this time was:

A. I wrote my own detailed cover letter stating how i wish to take this solo trip and that I work for a reputed firm back in India and my sole purpose of the visit is tourism.

B. I furnished all the details in systematic manner, mentioning about them in my cover letter.

C. I visited the Embassy personally though I did not meet the visa officer directly, i made sure the message was reached.

Normally where Schengen visa takes nearly 15 days, with all these efforts, God's grace and prayers of my near ones I got my visa in 13 days, just 2 days prior to my journey. My joy had no limits and with just 2 days in my hand for preparation I began my packing.

I travelled to Prague, Vienna and Budapest.. one of the best and most memorable trips of my life..I shall publish my detailed itinerary in my next post..until then enjoy some of the clicks..

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Photos of  3/3 by Freesoul

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