Train Journey To Bangalore...... After Ages!


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Photo of Train Journey To Bangalore...... After Ages! by Akanksha Aggarwal

 This Blog I had written in train when I was travelling to Bangalore for a short trip.

Initially, I was apprehensive of setting off for this journey. I was travelling in train after more than a decade. This thought was itself momentous (for me at least).

On long journeys, especially trains, I always prefer to sit by the window side. But now this amazing feeling is faded due to enclosed air-conditioned structures.

The journey started off well!
En - route, I got the opportunity to encounter lush green as well as sandy barren fields. I scanned the area as far as I could and found a few baby plants coming out of the embryo.

After every few kilometres, the topographical differences were glaring. There was a boulevard of full bloomed gulmohur trees spreading vibrancy all around. The long dark tunnels cutting across dense jungles fascinated me the most.

As I passed a beautiful serene and a silent lake, the faint rays of sunlight over my face welcomed me in this part of the country.

This glorious encounter was followed by the railway stations. A marked difference could be seen here. Each station in south India was bordered by "clean" white walls.

The local life comprised of short khajoor trees resembling tall coconut trees, flock of sheeps and herd of cows grazing in GREEN pastures.

One of the most striking features was the temple architectural style. What I saw Was a typical Dravidian temple.

The best part in the entire journey up till now was a jovial interaction with the locals who apprised me with their cultures which imbued a sense of "INDIANNESS " in me.

Photo of Train Journey To Bangalore...... After Ages! 1/1 by Akanksha Aggarwal
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Next time if you get the opportunity to travel by train, get ready to see a 'MINI INDIA'. 

PS - I made a few friends on this journey.

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It's been quite some time when I traveled in a train and through this blog, I aim to share my experiences en-route the journey
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