Walk to Remember 

Photo of Walk to Remember  1/1 by Komal Daudia

Screensaver of a fairy tale land 🌨❄ It's Pheriche, standing tall at an altitude of 4270mt and The Tsola river with the iconic Ama Dablam Peak soaring to the skies. .

The road to Pheriche is mostly plain with no major uphill nor downhill.

The 10km path feels endless and it took 3-4 hours which literally felt forever. it's not easy as it looks in the picture. I was not able to walk a step more after that. All I did was to gather my courage, tightened my laces, and put one foot in front of the other, again and again, and again …. .

And this we can apply this to life, especially in the current lockdown situation. We, humans, tend to complicate everything... when a simple step forward is all it takes to make progress, and at end of our lockdown, we will be able to breathe in healthy atmosphere than ever. The pollution levels and greenhouse gases have drastically decreased, giving us cleaner air and clearer water. I believe that this period is meant to create awareness of the negative impact we’ve been creating on our planet, and it’s time to mend it. Life is all about balance, Mother Nature knows it best. ..

Protect her, Love her, Nurture her.

be the difference, make a difference