Zest , A Must For Vegans, South Goa

Photo of Zest , A Must For Vegans, South Goa by Leo wandrer

So i was just sitting in a restaurant on palolem beach in evening on 29th october 2019 with a little hangover kind of headache and thought to chuck off this place as i started to have a craving for real, good, healthy food like burritos and on the same street i recalled there is a place for vegan food so i thought why not, let’s try. Its a very pretty small place place by the ambience and lights and very light and soothing music my mood was elevated. The place was really clean and we were asked to leave our footwear outside so that the place remains clean. I ordered a ramen soup which came with vegetable broth , lots of mushrooms like shiitake mushrooms, some ramen noodles and some veggies which was a very bowl after which i was full. One of my friend was also there with me who ordered mezze platter which had hummus, pita bread, some quinoa salad and other side dishes. It was such colourful plate and so healthy i was like why its outlet is not everywhere. I also ordered a drink loaded with all sorts of berries and no artificial flavour. For all this i paid only . 900INR . The food was really authentic and hygienic. Do try the place.

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Photo of Palolem by Leo wandrer