A short getaway to Kausani

5th Apr 2011
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After the dawn
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Anashakti Ashram
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Temple bells
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evening view
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farms on hills
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forests in the Kumaon Hill
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hill farming
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Himalayan Village Resort
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Kumaon valley
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A village Woman

Mahatma Gandhi rightfully declared Kausani as “Switzerland of India “. I completely agree with the statement. With the panoramic view of the spectacular Himalayan range, this place also offers you the well spread lush green tea gardens right in the foot hills. I feel the whole aura of hills; gardens and mountains in kausani just celebrates the silence so gracefully that can't be explained in words. It’s a god’s self designed paradise on earth.

So with all my excitement, i packed my bags for Kausani to explore yet another quiet hamlet with the splendid sun in the sky in Kumaon valley . It was dark outside. I was little sceptical to start my journey at that time as I had to travel up in the hills. I hired a cab with a decent price. The experience to watch the sunrise while driving up the hills was amazing. I was a part of the whole transition from darkness to the daylight. The layers of hills with the sun rays on them were suddenly visible. I could hear the sounds of birds and feel the cold breeze blowing . It was a journey like never before.

As I was driving up in the hills on a  new day with yet another sun rise, my excitement knew no bounds . With lot of hope and excitement to explore the unexplored just made me impatient. It was a 5 hours drive from Kathgodam station to Kausani.I stopped for a cup of tea in a place called Kaichi.  The place is famous for its temples and the scenic beauty. After spending almost 15 minutes,  I again started my journey in the hills. Amazingly this time the route was different from my last trip to Mukteshwar . The road along with Koshi River and the bridge offers a breathtaking view of the nature. The long drive was making me impatient but as soon as  I entered Someshwar , I was happy again. A small village with traditional styled wooden houses made the tiny village  a place to look out for. I could see the busy lanes in the market area with people with their shopping bags and the lush green step farming in the hills. Crossing this small place, I could see the simplicity of this tiny place . It really felt great to see their simple lifestyle far away from the city life .

I reached Almora at 10.30 am. Since i did not book KMVN this time, so i had to travel 5 KM more to reach my resort for my  two days stay. The place did not have a particular name though it’s known as Pingalkot village, Beijnath road .The resort name was Himalayan Village Resort. The location was unreal. It offered a view of 36 peaks of the Himalyan range. I could not believe that I was exactly  between tea gardens and breathtaking mountains. A perfect location for my weekend holiday. What more could I ask for? 

I was welcomed by the manager of Himalayan Village Resort and escorted towards my pre booked cottage. As soon as i entered my cottage, i was amazed to see the duplex cottage....with all the luxury one can ask for. The view had a mesmerizing effect on me and I  just stood still in my balcony silently for some time .The service was good. After finishing my breakfast,  I asked the manager about the places to explore . He promised me  to provide a local guide after lunch . I was happy again. After lunch I visited a temple on the top of the hills. After a gruelling walk up the hills , I realized how tough it is to survive in such a terrain.

After 20 minutes of trekking finally I reached Pingla Devi Temple.  Situated at the top of the hills it was a paradise on earth. There were a lot of bells all around. My guide told me that if some one comes here with a wish, he should tie a bell in the temple which is a belief prevalent among the Kumaon people. My next destination was Anashakti Ashram . Mahatma Gandhi spent 12 days in 1929 penned his memorable commentary on the Gita-Ana-Shakti Yoga inspired by the scenic grandeur of this richly gifted spot. It was almost 4 pm, I decided to head towards my resort. I asked my guide to follow a simple route to my resort and this is how my short getaway ended.

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Nested in the thick pine forests in the Kumaon Hill ,Kausani offers uninterrupted views of Himalayan range with most popular peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchchuli at the closest view point. It is at the height of 1890 mts from sea level and 170 KM from the main rail head Kathgodam.It was 5.30 am in the morning, and my train stopped at Kathgodam station.
Photo of Kausani, Uttarakhand, India by Parnashree Devi
Photo of Kathgodam, Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India by Parnashree Devi
The best part about Kumoun Valley is its rawness. You can find the nature in its best form. Less explored and less spoiled. May be I am biased towards Uttarakhand , but its offers the uninterrupted views of Himalayas , multi layers of hills and also the Kumoun people with their simplicity make this place haven on the earth.
Photo of Kumoun Valley Uttarakhand by Parnashree Devi
Photo of Someshwar, Uttarakhand, India by Parnashree Devi
Photo of Pingalkot village, Beijnath road by Parnashree Devi
Photo of Himalayan Village Resort by Parnashree Devi
Photo of Anashakti Ashram, Kausani, Uttarakhand, India by Parnashree Devi