How I managed to do Deorital-Chandrashila under Rs.3000


When I decided to go on a solo trip I thought that my expenditure is going to get doubled but on the contrary I was able to do this in less than 3000 rupees. Below is the break-up of my expenses on this trip

Day 1

Overnight bus for Rishikesh from Delhi. Cost: Rs.240

Bus for Rudraprayag from Rishikesh (every 30 minutes). Cost : Rs.200

Bus/jeep for Ukhimath from Rudraprayag (every 30 mins). Cost: Rs.60 for bus/Rs.80 for jeep)

Jeep for Sari village from Ukhimath. Cost: Rs.30

From Sari village its 3 kms of trekking till Deorital which didn't cost any money to me. During the travelling I consumed food of rs.100. So the total cost of reaching Deorital was Rs.630. I got myself a tent for rs.400 at the lake. Total cost 1030 Up in mountain you get a meal for rs.100, so I consumed two meals until the day was over. Total Cost at the end of day one 1230.

Photo of How I managed to do Deorital-Chandrashila under Rs.3000 by Travel Beings

I got in conversation with other people camping at the lake and decided to trek along with them till Chandrashila.

Day 2

We were a bunch of 5 people and we got a guide for the trek at Rs.1000, so the cost per head was Rs.200. Also I got snack in the breakfast for rs.50 and got a meal packed for myself for rs.100. Total cost till now rs.1580.

Photo of How I managed to do Deorital-Chandrashila under Rs.3000 by Travel Beings

We reached Chopta by evening, we have to stay overnight at Chopta and continue the trek till the summit in morning. I got a room for rs.400 and shared it with one guy from the group, so the cost per head for rs.200. Also I consumed 2 meals and some snacks costing me rs.250. The total cost now at the end of day was rs.2030.

Photo of Chopta, Uttarakhand, India by Travel Beings
Day 3

I got stuffed with breakfast, costing me Rs.100. We completed the trek till summit and got back in another 4 hours and had lunch, another rs.100. Total cost rs.2230. I got a jeep till Sari village for another rs.50. Total cost: rs.2280

From here I decided the backward journey the same way, costing rs.630. Hence the total cost of the trip was rs.2910.

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