The city of ghats, temples and love; Banaras finally we met

4th Feb 2017
Photo of Dashashwamegh ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India by Nibedita Saha

It feels amazing to be a traveler in your own country. I have heard everything about Ghats in Varanasi and finally explored!!!!

Photo of BHU, Banaras Hindu University Campus, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India by Nibedita Saha

4th February will remain one of the most amazing day in my life. At 4 in the morning I headed for the New Kashi Biswanath Temple in BHU. Everything was so wishy-washy because of the heavy fog. But the yellow street lights were directly hitting my eyes. After too many zig-zag turns, I finally reached the temple and had the glimpses of lord Shiva. That one view was enough to make me feel like I am in the Dev Bhumi of the lord himself. The atmosphere was so serene and peaceful that I could sit there, staring at his might for whole of the day.

But I didn't and the next destination was Sankat Mochan Temple. At 4:30 in the morning I had to stand in the queue to get the entry.

The centuries old temple had amassing scenes to offer, the changing color of its tomb, the unique beauty in everything....I tried to preserve it in my memory to go back and cherish it, again and again.

The word 'Ram' echoing inside the temple.

Photo of Assi ghat, Shivala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India by Nibedita Saha

Next and the ultimate place was - 'Assi Ghat'. At 5 in the morning, the sky was little clear and the sun was about to rise, so I was on the perfect time. Without looking right and left I went straight down and sat on one of the boat to enjoy the sun rise. Some people were performing traditional music in the morning ‘Subha-e Banaras’. There was smell of wet soil in the air.

So I was sitting on the boat putting my legs half in the river; the music was pleasing my ears, the cold breeze was blowing and I was witnessing the Sun rise. What else can please you more than this. I am just living the moment like I did. It was the most wonderful experience.

After witnessing the break of dawn, I decided to walk. From Assi Ghat to Dashaswamedh, I witnessed many cremations. Heaven, after all, is for dead. It was the very different feeling to see a human body burring. A sense of neutrality, numbness...which is neither sad nor happy. I think this is the common belief that holds people of different faiths come together here in city of God....

There has been lots of thing said about Banaras being congested, conservative and many more. But there are definitely hundred more reasons to love Banaras.

Hope to visit soon..