Alberobello! A must-visit Town in Italy

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Alberobello is a cute little Italian town in the region of Puglia, Italy. It is famous for its conical-shaped huts which are called 'Trullo', hilly streets and the slow-paced Italian way of life. This is also declared a UNESCO world heritage site because of its unique collection of Trulli.

Why should you Visit?

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Far from the hustle-bustle of the big Italian cities, Alberobello is quiet and slow-paced. If you are coming from Rome, Naples, Venice or Florence it can be the perfect way to unwind a bit and just relax in this beautiful town. There is no spot in particular that you will be running after to visit once you are here. It's a relaxing experience to be a part of this white and serene town - you get to see what the Italians do - how they spend their day, what they eat and how they live! They truly have a great sense of design and you will find decorated pretty corners wherever you look! It's just lovely!

How to Reach?

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Alberobello is located in the Southeast part of Italy.

If you are anywhere in Italy, just take a fast train to Bari Centrale train station.

Exit the Bari station on Via Capruzzi and go to shop number 224, (at the exit, cross the road and walk towards your right) where you book bus tickets. You can buy the tickets at the counter or you can also pre-book it online .

Take a Marozzi bus which will drop you at Alberobello in just 1 hour. The bus has enough space to take your luggage and it will cost you around ₹700.

This is the fastest way to reach. Else you can also take a train from Bari station to Alberobello or any other bus. It will cost you half but will also take 2 hrs approximately.

Once the bus drops you at the stop take the road named Via Cairoli and walk towards the centre - where you will find all the restaurants, shops, trullis etc. Its a 5-7 minutes walk from there.

We recommend you download the offline google maps for Alberobello which will guide you to take the correct turns once you're on Via Cairoli. There are too many turns and roads which can be pretty confusing for the first time.

Stay in a Trullo

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The true essence of Alberobello is staying in a traditional trullo. A typical trullo comes with a bedroom, private bath, small kitchen, a dining table, a refrigerator and a sofa. Find your pick online through .

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We stayed at Tipico Resort and it was an amazing experience! The trullo was totally traditional, clean and comfortable. They served us a lavish breakfast which was included with the stay. The staff was very cooperative and helpful. We had a great time!

What to do in Alberobello?

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Our answer would be to just stroll around Ronie Monti, eat, drink and relax! Spend time in your trullo too! The sunrise and sunsets are beautiful to watch here! And there is just so much design and art in this town - it's a treat to the eyes!

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The evenings are so happy with people singing or dancing or playing the guitar, you can have such a good time!

If you want to visit someplace - there are a few small museums, a Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian, a small park in the centre, very pretty souvenier shops and one big trullo known as Trullo Sovrano.

What to Eat?

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There are a lot of restaurants in the centre, some offer street-side small bites and others a fine dine experience. So suit yourself and have a meal that you enjoy the most. There are also a lot of bakeries here, which one should not miss, especially the mozzarella pomodoro which will cost you around €1.2 and will be tasty as hell.

Pro tip: If you are not a huge fan of shedding a lot of money on food, check on the cover charge with the restaurant that is applicable per person if you sit and eat.

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We spent 2 days in the cute little town of Alberobello, which were absolutely relaxing and offbeat! You can keep more or less days for it according to your taste, you could also do day trips from nearby cities. We really like exploring off the beat and less touristy places to get the true essence of a city. For me, Alberobello was the highlight of our Italian trip!

We hope that our experience helps you have a happy and exciting trip!

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