Wayanad, Kerala – A Secret Getaway

Photo of Wayanad, Kerala – A Secret Getaway 1/4 by Hajara Mj
Sneak peek into the Sunrise
Photo of Wayanad, Kerala – A Secret Getaway 2/4 by Hajara Mj
Photo of Wayanad, Kerala – A Secret Getaway 3/4 by Hajara Mj
Leading up to the Falls
Photo of Wayanad, Kerala – A Secret Getaway 4/4 by Hajara Mj
Through the Creeks

Home Away From Home

Wayanad – To be unbiased to this place would be damn near impossible. Hailing from this absolutely stunning part of Kerala, I have seen most of nature’s best all in one place. There are several tourist spots spread out to add pride to Wayanad. I come from a small town called Sultan’s Battery located in Wayanad. In this blog, I am going to share a few of my personal experiences.

The Sunrise Valley

It as almost dawn when my brother knocked on the door in his attempts of waking me up. After a hefty struggle, I woke up picturing how I am going to punch my brother for waking me up. But the previous day we had planned a family trip to the sunrise valley hence I let him off the hook. It was an hour long drive from home. So at about 5 am we set en route to our destination. The ride was filled with google map mishaps, sing along and downright creating a ruckus early in the morning. On reaching our destination, we had to trek for about 15 minutes to get to the viewing point. So here we are all geared up to see the sunrise when an old man comes yelling at us and accusing us of trespassing property. And after trying to reason with him, we hand him over some bills to get back to our trek. And that’s the story of how I wedged my way to see the sunrise

The Kanthapara Waterfalls

Post sunrise valley we set foot to the Kanthapara waterfalls. It’s also about an hour drive from the sunrise valley. The falls are located in the interiors of a vegetated area. The falls are an absolute delight to your eyes as well as yourself. The environment surrounding the falls is calm and quiet. Its helps you break off from reality even if it is for a couple of hours. The serenity of the waterfall is its main attraction. So if you are ever in Wayanad, these are two of the many spots that you must visit. Ways to get to Wayanad – 2-hour drive from the Mysore, Karnataka Railway station or a 2-hour drive from the Calicut, Kerala Railway station. Nearest Airport – Calicut.

Keep Travelling and Keep Creating.

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