10th Aug 2017
Photo of City Of Joy KOLKATA by Dhanraj Chouhan
Day 1
Photo of Howrah Railway Station,Howrah by Dhanraj Chouhan
Day 698

It has been 2 years , I visited Kolkata. People calls it city of joy. So is it really? Well I think so. Humid weather makes to go out with cold air from river Ganga. In the morning people start their day by (puri sabji) which is basically breads and potato curry. You can find it easily some road corners. There are many dishes which I can’t forgot, like fresh (gulab jamun) and (mithi dahi) sweet yogurt.

I can say there is two sides of Kolkata if you really want to see them you have to move other side of Howrah bridge. Where you can find flower market and locals market.