A temptation to fall into – Sikkim

Photo of A temptation to fall into – Sikkim 1/3 by Felisa Francis
Photo of A temptation to fall into – Sikkim 2/3 by Felisa Francis
Photo of A temptation to fall into – Sikkim 3/3 by Felisa Francis

In this mundane lifestyle of ours, with busy roads and yet no one to look up at, we are on a constant search for a getaway, wanting to distance our self from all these busy links and go across the far ends of the road. And that's how i ended up in Sikkim last summers, a new journey, new land with faces i haven't envisioned in my life time and with a new way of living.This city has so much to offer, unwrapping its secrets at each ends, from Alpine forest, to mountains, craggy landslides dotted with quaint villages and some pure souls.

So the first place i visited after a long jeep journey close enough to a roller coaster ride was Rumtek Monastery, considered as oner of Tibetan Buddhism's most important centre. A gigantic monastery with its endless artifacts and its own history was a ecstasy in itself, all you could see is monks draped in red praying for good luck and happiness. This place just offers peace of mind with an arena stretched into acres with lush greenery.

And then was this beautiful valleys Yumthang frequently ravaged by landslides and earthquake , these mountains are tricky place to travel in but that ride on the steep roads was something no one should miss with unpredictable whimsical weather, chilly winds and enveloping all these, the panoramic view of mountains and clouds leading to Tsomgo lake.

The lake is thousands of feet above up the sea level , a stretch of frozen lake was just mesmerizing to eyes , the beauty whicth you wish to fall for infinite times and i was just transfixed, with small stalls around, offerings you differ array of things and yaks for a little short ride, that place just hold you there with such force.

what enthralls you more is a sudden snow fall , in such steep roads where clouds are touching mountains , and mountains linking roads. These routes are known for sudden landslides and rainfall, and that's exactly the beauty of the place with such trepidation and fear we just set off. This just enlivens you. That ride ended up with a savour of local tea, Temi tea, which is quiet popular among the locals.

Then we have the famous MG market of Gangtok, which just sums up the night life of people, with such cheerful, gleaming faces, jam packed shops, wine shops, malls, beautifully lit, it was like another city in a small place itself.

This is the charm of this place where in on one end, It's the fragrance of the sunlight , the smell of a steaming cup of tea in a small little shop in mountains, smoke arising from the woods, the rushing sound of the river, mountains gaped by clouds and snow and then there this night market far away from the forest, enjoying in the city rush.

Such fragrances cannot be captured or replicated but something that instigates your mind till long way.

One of the Himalaya's best kept travel secret ; Sikkim

Photo of Gangtok, Sikkim, India by Felisa Francis

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