Golden Temple -the Place Has Something To Say

11th Jul 2015

Not a very big fan of religious places, I WAS mesmerised by the enchanting golden temple in Amritsar. As compared to other temples or shrines in India the golden temple is very clean and well maintained. Enthralled by visitors from all over the countryand the world-this place really has something to say. The best time to visit Amritsar is Nov-Feb as rest of the year is pretty hot. 

The constant chants from within the main Gurudwara add to the serenity and beauty. Most visitors to the Golden Temple, whether Sikh or not, are humbled by what is quite simply the most tangibly spiritual place in the country. 
A few of the notable features -
1) The Langar hall : open to all the visitors for a hearty meal that too free of cost is definitely worth a try. Serviced by a group of young men, the hall is constantly filled with around 500 pilgrims at any point of time. Do have a meal in the Langar hall if you happen to visit the temple
2) The transparent pond: sitting beside the clean pond which is constantly being cleaned by the locals is definitely worth a try and combined with the chants it is sure to give you a much deserved peace of mind. The energetic fishes in the pond have a history. Get to know about it :)
3)  The golden temple architecture : if you inherit love for intricate art and monumental beauty you will not fail to recognise the wall art , the golden carvings on the golden temple temple while your queuing to enter the temple for Darshan 
It's worthwhile to visit the temple once early morning and once in the evening. You are sure to feel a different experience each time and you will fall in love with the place even more. 
While at golden temple extend your visit by a day and do visit the Jallianwala bagh. The India Pakistan parade , the army marches and the friend-foe spirit will revive you! 

Feels like a India Pak cricket match

Photo of Wagah Border Park, Wahga, Punjab, Pakistan by Kavita Singh
Photo of Golden Temple, Golden Temple Road, Amritsar, Punjab, India by Kavita Singh