Amritsar - your next food destination

6th Nov 2014
Photo of Amritsar - your next food destination 1/1 by Trisha Mahajan
Amritsari thali

Going to Amritsar? Only worry about these three Ws - what to eat, when to eat, where to eat!

On hearing the word ‘Amritsar’, the first few things that generally come to one's mind are Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, and food…loads and loads of food. Therefore, being an Amritsari, I feel it is my responsibility to guide you about the best food you get in town, and where you get it. Also, I firmly believe that you should not spend any less than two days (which is also an understatement) in Amritsar so as to taste all the lip smacking delicacies.

So, next time you visit Amritsar, get a copy of this article and be ready to add-on a few extra kilos.

P.S. – That little fat won’t really hurt after you taste the food!

1. Guru Ka Langar at Golden Temple The free langar meal provided by the Golden Temple - Sikhs’ holiest Shrine - that feeds upto 1,00,000 people daily does not just taste good, but is prepared with much devotion by the staff members and volunteers. Serving hot chapattis, dal and sabzi, the kitchen is operational round the clock. Sit on the floor of langar hall and enjoy a meal in peace.
2. Amritsari Naan Savor these potato-stuffed naans with butter and chhole and feel like heaven. These huge mouthwatering naans are famous across the country but in no corner of India have they tasted the same like in Amritsar. Try chungi Ka Kulcha at Maqbool Road or Kulcha Land in Ranjit Avenue.
3. Poori Chhole and Gur ka Halwa I have no idea why, but these poori chhole at Kanha sweets and Munim at Lawrence road just never taste like the regular Poori chhole. These Poori chhole are to die for and should most definitely be followed by hot gur ka halwa.
4. Amritsari Thali Order a special thali comprising of laccha parantha, Dal Makahni, Chhole, and Dahi Bhalla, and you will not be disappointed. The paranthas dripping in desi ghee are sure to send your dietitian's warning alarm ticking, but this meal deserves a cheat day. Bhravan Da Dhaba near Golden Temple, Kesar Ka Dhaba in Katra Jaimal Singh (old city) and Inderpuri on Cooper road (near the pull) are the best places to have this meal. Finish your meal with a delicious Firni (crushed rice pudding).
5. Tandoori and Butter Chicken Beera Chicken (Majitha road) and Chawla Chicken (Lawrence road) are the most famous non-veg serving shops in Amritsar and that’s for a reason.
6. Amritsari fish Do not, I repeat, do not leave Amritsar without tasting its “world famous” fish. The batter-fried Amritsari fish fry melts in your mouth like ‘makhan’ (butter). At least, that is what the claim is. Pay a visit to Surjit food plaza at Lawrence Road for some finger-licking good fish and mutton tikkas and curry.
7. Lassi Punjab and Lassi have been inseparable since times immemorial and will always be. You just cannot resist gulping down a lassi while in Punjab. Although, the lassi, which has a huge lump of malai (cream) in it, is a heavy meal in itself, we Punjabis prefer to have it after a Kulcha or Poori Chhole. Of course, we sleep the whole day after that. And you have a choice of leaving out the malai. The famous Munim ki lassi (Lawrence road) and Ahuja Lassi (Green Avenue) will force you to keep coming back for more.
8. Fruit Cream It is not the average fruit cream with fruits floating in some milk-like cream. This fruit cream is so delicious that with thick cream and fresh fruits that I once asked a friend to pack and get me around two kilos of it. You just have to taste this irresistible sweet dish at Sukh Ram (Lawrence road).
9. Aam Papad My friends in Delhi have claimed that they have never eaten anything like that. The uncleji that stands next to BBK D.A.V College (Lawerence road) has the best Aam Papad ever.
10. Motichoor ladoos Bansal is the most famous sweet shop in Amritsar and it serves some awesome Indian sweets. Do not give a miss to the motichoor ladoos and patisa at Bansal Sweets.