The not so famous Indo Pak Border #hiddengemsinIndia

20th Jan 2023
Day 1

When we talk about international borders ,India Pakistan border always takes the lead in discussions. And it's always the Wagah border at Amritsar that is considered the International border between India and Pakistan.

But do you know that there is another International border between India and Pakistan that performs the same retreat ceremony as done at Wagah.

The answer is YES. It's the HUSSAINIWALA BORDER at Ferozepur ,Punjab. The same type of retreat ceremony is performed at this border at 5pm every evening.

The lowering of the International flags hoisted at the International Border between India and Pakistan is celebrated through a special ceremony known as the BORDER RETREAT.  This special practice is being done since 1959. The joint  daily military practice is held between security forces of India (Border Security Force, BSF) and Pakistan (Pakistan Rangers) . The drill is characterized by a show of strength through Stiff movements, hard core parades with attitude but always ends on a positive note of  brotherhood and cooperation at the border.

The ceremony starts every evening immediately before sunset with a blustering parade by the soldiers from both sides, and ends with the perfectly coordinated lowering of the two nations' flags. One infantryman stands at attention on each side of the gate. As the sun sets, the iron gates at the border are opened and the two flags are lowered simultaneously. The flags are then folded, and the ceremony ends with a retreat that involves a brusque handshake between soldiers from either side, followed by the closing of the gates again.

Timings of Parade : 5:15 in summers and 4:15 in winters.
Duration of Parade : 45 min

Photo of The National Martyrs Memorial by Amit Singla