Trekking on the India-Nepal Border

28th Dec 2013

The Indo-Nepal border trek was one of the dream treks that we had since many years. The trek starts from a tiny place called Manebhanjang in West Bengal. The trek passes through the beautiful Singalila National Forest. The main purpose of the trek for me was to see the great Mt. Everest. I dont think there are any places in India other than Sandakphu & Phalut where Everest is visible. The best part of the trip was the new year celebrations in Tumbling, Nepal. A fantastic team, fabulous camp leader & the super food all made up for the tiredness that was felt during the trip. The mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga was shining bright & looked monsterous. The trek's main camp was Sandakphu. Sandakphu, at 3636 mts high, is the highest peak of West bengal. The glorious Himalayas can be seen as far as Bhutan. We got some great information from the Indian Army's Sashastra Seema Bal about the highest peaks including Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Jano. Mountains stretching from Eastern Nepal to Bhutak in one view. That's nature at its very best! After Sandakphu, we stayed at a place called Gurdum. A tiny village with very houses & absolutely no electricity. The camp site was hidden between the hills. The small stream of water flowing below the hills, the beautiful scenery. I wish life was so easy & beautiful. We ended our trek at Rimbick with heavy dinner, dance, music & some chit chat! All in all, the trek organised by Youth Hostels of India was the best of my life till date. I hope to visit Phalut one day. All alone. Backpacking with a sherpa. :)

Love the people from Darjeeling. Their love & affection towards tourists is a joy! Must visit this place for tea and the Mighty Kanchenjunga.
The Mighty Himalayas in the forefront. Respect.