Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip

24th Mar 2015
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 1/16 by Lakshman
Mawsmai Caves, Sohra
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 2/16 by Lakshman
Seven Sister Water Fall (sans the water)
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 3/16 by Lakshman
Khoh Ramhah- and the view of Bangladeshi plains
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 4/16 by Lakshman
Double Decker Root bridge Hike start
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 5/16 by Lakshman
The Double Decker Root Bridge Hike continues
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 6/16 by Lakshman
The Single Decker Living Roots Bridge
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 7/16 by Lakshman
Suspension Bridge to be crossed in the Hike
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 8/16 by Lakshman
The Double Decker Living Roots Bridge @ Nongriat
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 9/16 by Lakshman
The Hike back!
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 10/16 by Lakshman
My Ride from Jorabat to Kaziranga
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 11/16 by Lakshman
Entry to Kaziranga Ticket Counter
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 12/16 by Lakshman
The Majestic Rhino!!!!!
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 13/16 by Lakshman
Jeep Safari- Kaziranga
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 14/16 by Lakshman
Sun-bathing Donatello
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 15/16 by Lakshman
My Life- My rules (but within Kaziranga)
Photo of Shillong-Cherapunjee-Nongriat-Kaziranga Budget Trip 16/16 by Lakshman
The Modest Entry to one of the greatest Sanctuaries

ventureDisclaimer- The Cost that I have stated (Rs. 4500/-) is only for my trip from Guwahati to Shillong to Cherapunjee to Nongriat to Shillong to Kaziranga to Guwahati and is all inclusive- Transport, Food, Stay, entry tickets to all points of interest (including Camera fees) Misc expenses BUT Does not include my travel to Guwahati and my stay in Guwahati!

I started from Guwahati on 25th March- got into a Sumo (at Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati) towards Shillong for Rs. 170/-


As soon as I reached Shillong, it started to rain- a fitting welcome to the Abode of the Cloud's Capital city

Base point of my Little journey. Calm serene place- great food- good churches- Police Bazaar, Bara Bazaar must-visit! Amazing Night Life- with super awesome people & cheap booze!

Places to Eat-

1) UP Sweet Meat - Police Bazaar- awesome chaat (Rs.10-Rs.30 per plate) (inexpensive) and Special Chai (Rs. 15)!

2) Madras Cafe (opposite Meghalaya State Road Transport Bus Depot)- super tasty chutney & Crisp Vada (Rs. 20 a piece)!

3) Meghalaya Hotel - Bang next to the Meghalaya Tourist Information Centre (which is also opposite the MSRT- Bus Depot)- Very very Tasty & inexpensive - Meal + Chicken Curry (Rs. 70)

4) Breakfast- Poori + Chole- road-side near Police Bazaar (Rs. 20 for 4 Puri)

Where to Stay

Lot of good hotels available starting from Rs. 300/- in and around Police Bazaar, and Bara Bazaar

I stayed at the Youth Hostel (opposite BSNL Gol building & near Raj Bhawan) - about 1.5 Km from Police Bazaar @ Rs. 115/- (for members & Rs. 155/- for non-members) for Dorm Bed.

26/ 03/2015

Cherapunjee & Nongriat Living Root Bridges

Previous Day, I had visited the Meghalaya Tourist Information Centre and booked a seat for the Cherapunjee Visit- Rs. 350/-

I had to report there at 7.45 AM - and we started at 8.00 AM, sharp. There were about 25 people along with me in the Bus.

We covered the following places:

1) View Point of Valley- just a pit stop between Shillong & Cherapunjee where there is a view point constructed and toilets and refreshments are available.

{PS- It is an offence to pee/litter/cause any harm to any part of Nature (including plucking of flowers/leaves/ twigs) in Meghalaya and if caught, you could be fined heavily for it.}

2) Eco Park & Missing Falls - not such a great place to go during the Non-monsoon season- but I am sure during the Monsoon, Nature would come up with an orchestra of green!

3) Mawsmai Caves- Caving Experience that anyone can have- It is a cave that has been transformed by Tourism Department to cater to Tourist. Artificial lighting, hand rails, and cemented pathways so that you do not go off-track. This experience has given me an inspiration to go for actual caving sometime in this lifetime though!

4) Thangkarang Park - another Eco Park - with its own Green House and good collection of plants found in Meghalaya

5) Khoh Ramhah- From where River Tharia is visible which is the physical boundary between India and Bangladesh & on the other side of Tharia is the Bangladeshi plains. I did not get a good view of the plains owing to the mist!

I got down from the bus after this view point in Sohra to proceed towards Tyrna Village for the hike to the Living Roots Bridge.

The Bus would have taken me to Nohkalikai Falls and Ramakrishna Mission had I continued!

From Sohra to Tyrna Village (the starting point of the Double Decker Living Roots Bridge Hike) is about 20 Km and Passenger cars are available in the mornings that charge about Rs.20 or Rs.30 but since I had gone in the afternoon I could not get any other passengers so I had to take a full cab (costing me Rs. 300/-) after hard bargaining. I got dropped off at the entry to the Hike.

The Hike was about 4 Km (wherein you would have to go down about a 1000m and then again climb some 800-1000 m). The pathway is there - stoned/ cemented and has about 3000 steps. The pathway starts right at Tyrna and proceeds towards the living bridges. But it is a steep climb down - One must ensure one has sufficient water (and biscuits or some snacks) especially if the hike is being done in the heat of the summer afternoons- and the forest adds to the humidity and heat!

First you reach a single living roots bridge, then have to cross the village, then have to cross 2 SUSPENSION BRIDGES- that adds to the excitement and thrill- (if walking alone amidst forest does not give the thrills!) and then climb up to reach the Double Decker Bridge.

Stay options are very minimal there- only a sole Home Stay is available- I was fortunate that they could accommodate me there (@ Rs. 350/- per night) (there were quite a few visitors - from all over the globe- who had been staying there and doing some exploration for the past 2-3-4-5 days). Food is also available (Chow Mein- Rs. 70/-, Tea Rs. 10/-, Dinner Rs. 130/-).

Next day early in the morning I started my hike back to Tyrna Village - breakfast is rudimentary- Plain Roti, (maybe with sugar) and Tea was my breakfast @ Tyrna Village). I reached around 8 AM and there were no passenger cabs or even cabs available for that matter to return to Sohra. I waited for about half an hour and could not get anything- so I got a lift from a Mahindra Pick Up Van back to Sohra (for Free!)

From Sohra I got a cab back to Shillong Rs. 70/- from Sohra Main Bazaar and went back for some rest time to Youth Hostel


Shillong to Kaziranga

Next Day early morning I started from Shillong -got a cab to Jorabat (Rs. 170) from Police Bazaar and from Jorabat crossed the road and got a lift in an Ambulance heading to Dibrugarh (for Rs. 250/- to Kohora/ Kaziranga)- from Jorabat one could easily get Tempo/Travellers heading towards Jorhat or Dibrugarh and they charge about Rs. 300/- for the ride to Kaziranga. I started from Jorabat around 12 Noon reaching Kaziranga around 4.30 PM.

I got a room there at Kaziranga Wildlife Society (for Rs. 600/-) Dormitory was available @ Rs. 300/- But I chose the room!

Then I head to the Kaziranga Ticket Counter for the Elephant Safari Tickets- which are given everyday from 7 PM for the next days Safari (2 safaris- 5.30 AM and 6.30 AM). I had to wait in the line for the tickets from 4.45 PM.

I was unfortunate as I could not get a ticket for the Elephant Safari- so I had to make do with the Jeep Safari. I had to do some Jugaad as i was travelling there solo and Jeep Safari was quite expensive.


Kaziranga Jeep Safari and Return to Guwahati

The Jeep Safari was an awesome ride into the Kaziranga National Park- where I got to see Rhinos, Elephants, and a lot of other Wild animals and great plant bio-diversity. The Jeep Safari was about 2.30 hours.

After the Safari went back to my room, vacated it, got my backpack and head back to the gate. Right at the gate one gets buses to Guwahati- I got an Assam State Transport AC Bus back to Guwahati for Rs. 270/-)

PM me for further experiences or contacts for tickets/ stay/ food etc.

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