Chasing the Golden Hour : Mt. Batur Hike, Bali

15th Dec 2019
Day 1

When you do things which are done without being planned and they turn out to be awesome it feels so great! Doesn't it?

The hike to Mt.Batur in Bali was one such amazing adventure for me and my brother. We landed in Bali in the afternoon , rested for a bit and decided we wanted to go for this hike as I had heard about it a lot. Waking up at 1:30 am in the morning and taking a 2 hour cab at that time of the night in a country we had just landed few hours back was definitely a little scary. Turns out our cab driver was a great man.

We reached the location from where the hike would begin at about 4 in the morning. We met our instructor and he gave both of us torches. We started our trek quite enthusiastically. I was just thinking about that magnificent view we would get to see when we reach the top. For me clicking sunrise or sunset pictures is a huge rush. It is a small time frame of which you need to take advantage of! That beautiful light spreads across the sky and earth illuminating everything they touch with an effervescent glow. These beautiful colors are gone in about an hour! 

To be honest , it was the most trenuous trek of my life!
Just around 5:30 my thighs, back and my mind had almost given up but the only thing that kept me going was the visualization of the beautiful sight on reaching the top. At 5:50 we were at top of Mt.Batur, just about 7-8 minutes before the sunrise was expected.

Our guide made us some amazing black coffee and omlettes. I set up my tripod stand to capture the perfect picture and video. We were surrounded by clouds, craters, hot springs and a lot of small monkeys!  It was pure magic.

When the sun started to come out , I realized, that we chase these moments on our travels, when the beauty we see outside makes our hearts smile. This was that moment for me. I completely forgot about how tiring my trek had been. In just about that 15-20 minutes of peace and tranquility I  completely recharged.

Such moments are pure and rare and I would like to experience more of such moments in my life because that's what life is about! Isn't it?