Photo of LIFE IS A BEACH AT WESTIN, BALI 1/7 by The Glutton and the Owl
Photo of LIFE IS A BEACH AT WESTIN, BALI 2/7 by The Glutton and the Owl
Photo of LIFE IS A BEACH AT WESTIN, BALI 3/7 by The Glutton and the Owl
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Photo of LIFE IS A BEACH AT WESTIN, BALI 7/7 by The Glutton and the Owl

Awestruck is the word I would use for our reaction when we stepped foot at the Westin Bali Nusa Dua Resort and Spa. From the speedy check in by the friendly staff to the warm welcome, we were already impressed with this gorgeous resort.

Right after our check in, we went to the beachside restaurantwhich offered us fascinating views of the private beach along with a varied and delicious menu. Beef Rendang, Cous Cous salad and couple of Bintangs’ later, we headed back to the room for some much needed rest.

The evening consisted of us lazing on the beach beds at the beach and a dip in the crystal clear ocean. The swimming pool area was so welcoming that we spent the latter half of the day laying on the beds and taking frequent dips in the pool. The pool had an in built water fall, bar and a water volleyball net.

Dinner was an all you can eat buffet at their Japanese restaurant. The variety was overwhelming especially for my friend who is a total carnivore and she gave justice to the whole meal. We had Teppanyaki, Robata Grill, Sushi, Miso Soup, Salads and some yummy deserts. Indulgence was key!

A good night’s sleep after this much indulgence was almost mandatory & we passed right out into the comforts of our super soft beds..

Fresh & well rested, we woke up to make our way to the breakfast buffet the following morning.

Post breakfast we went back to the pool for some down time. A survey of the resort brought to our notice the facilities this place had to offer. 4 restaurants, a bar, yoga sessions, free shuttles to popular shopping malls & so much more, we realised 3 days were just not going to be enough so we set ourselves on a mission to stuff ourselves silly and do as much as possible.

After the amount we were eating, we thought it’s only natural to burn some of that off and we signed ourselves up for the yoga session taught by Jitendra. Doing Yoga in the open on grass in natural surroundings was very rejuvenating. Mind you, this was no basic yoga. The guru meant business! We were all tired but felt the workout in our muscles as we trodded our way back to the room to freshen up.

Once all set, we went for High Tea- cakes, cookies, jams & jellies, sandwiches and burgers!!! How can one make that decision? Despite all we vowed to do during yoga, we abandoned all those choices and dove head on!

Naturally all that food made us want to nap but we sucked it up and took the shuttle to the mall. What a quaint mall it was. Outdoor boutiques and tiny restaurants with local merchandise, We picked up some cute souvenirs for friends and family back home before returning back to the resort for our spa session.

The spa was a whole elevating and magical experience.

Post Spa, we headed to the beach front restaurant for Balinese all you can eat buffet along with live music. Our table was right on the beach barely 100 meters away from the ocean. The sound of the waves along with the very talented live music singers along with the choicest local food items, this was the perfect send-off meal for us. We lingered on till the very end and then made our sullen trip back to the room for the last time.

Next morning, we checked out with similar ease, thanked a few staff members who made our stay memorable thanks to Dewi and made our journey to the airport to head back home with fond memories and longing to return back some day.

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