15th Dec 2019
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As another weekend restless mind said "Go climb a Hill"....Hence was browsing through lots...I mean Lots ! really....lots of weekend treks....when a post from Bangalore Adventurers caught my attention...mainly because of the place - I never heard of Bidarakatte before...curious as I was....tried to google...could not find much on it....Decided to join the trek and jumped on the bandwagon at the last moment...literally the last one to join...While my lazy body complained - " Shuck the Trek - Go - Climb into the Bed"

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Everything was well arranged, pick up was on time, good vehicle (have travelled in rattling ones - hence the special mention)...But was pleasantly surprised to see families with kids on a trekking trip - first time for me.

As I spoke to Mr. N, our trek lead and the owner of Bangalore Adventurers about it, he said its an easy trek and very good for beginners. Now that's nice...A good place to start your trekking experience - more so for the kids for the exposure and introducing them to nature.

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First stop - fuel up our bodies - steaming thatte idlis, crispy vadas, sweet tea to finish off. Don't be put off with this unassuming shop, just go and taste the spongy idlis with spicy chutney. Bidarakatte is approx 60 kms from Bangalore towards Ramnagara direction. The total trek would have been less than 6kms overall, but we took our own sweet time, stopping to click pics and selfies as the nature around us was tempting, and our cool 😎trek lead was really patient with us. Thanks Mr. N 😊

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Forest Department permission is needed to enter into the hills. They will allocate a local guide to take us through. If you are doing it on your own, Call the office atleast one day prior orelse join Mr. N - who will organise everything for you..

We encountered various terrains, but rocky surface dominates. Several small ponds on the way, lots of birds, beautiful view all around and the huge Savanadurga Hill on the background will keep your mind occupied.

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This place is not yet popular, so you have the whole place to yourselves....and thats when 👇👇happens...

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Views from the top are amazing, specially on a clear day like ours. It was cool, cloudy and clear. We moved around several points in the hills and finally settled on the temple premises to finish our lunch.

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So...For those who want to try it out...

⚜ Choose a pleasant day to do the trek - if its too sunny, you will be exhausted and will not enjoy the trek & if its rainy, the terrain will become slippery and difficult. Dec, Jan & Feb are ideal months.

⚜ Take your kids along. This is an ideal place for you (if you are a newbie to treks) and your kids. They will definitely enjoy the natural outdoors and the trails.

⚜ Carry sufficient water, juice or snacks, as there are no shops around.

⚜ Take Caps, hats, sunglasses without fail.

⚜ Trekking shoes or Sports shoes with good grip is a must, as most of the terrain will be rocky.

⚜ Try to reach the place early, as it gets hot by noon. You can head to the temple premises to sit in the shade and have your food or snacks.

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So...What are you waiting for ? Try out this One day trip and let me know your experiences...Gather some friends and go as a group to have more fun and laughter...

" We Travel Not To Escape Life...But Life Not To Escape Us" 😇

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