Ready, set, whoa- an unforgettable trek to the heart of western ghats-KUDREMUKH!!!

15th Jul 2016
Day 1

Hey guys hope u all doin good. So firstly let me introduce myself..... im Bhargav a travel enthusiast who has done quite a few road trips and treks. But the one im gonna tell u is personally my favourite till date i.e. Kudremukh trek.

Details: Kudremukh is a mountain range situated in the western ghats in chikmagalur district at an elevation of 6200ft.

So the day 1 started by me and my 3 friends leaving for the trek from bangalore. To note there are no buses available directly to the trek spot. So we booked a bus to kalasa which happens to be the nearest town. The bus started out at 10.26 pm and the curiousness kept on increasing as the bus kept on moving. As they say when friends meet the discussion just wont stop and we didn sleep for the whole nyt.....just chatting cracking jokes and then we see the watch its already 5 am in the morning and we are already near kalasa????. It was like our talks hav not yet ended but the journey ended so quickly????.

Day 2

So we got down at kalasa bus stand and we had informed Mr.Rajegowda(he owns a home stay near to the trekking spot

P.s- do call him atleast 4 days before the trek.... he can arrange for the jeep from kalasa to his homestay)

So coming back to the description a jeep was waiting for us at kalasa and from there we needed to make a journey to mullodi i.e. the name of the location where Mr. Rajegowda's homestay is located. The jeep proceeded and as usual our talks continued this tym the jeep driver also joined us in our funny talks????.

The jeep proceeded towards mullodi where the last 6 kms is a complete test for the drivers. This is bcoz there are no roads only slush and only a 4 wheel drive vehicle can be driven (Though i had been on my bike last december - the roads were not too slushy ) but monsoons as the name suggests rain is a must in that season and if it doesn rain when u r there man thats ur luck????????.

So we reached the homestay got freshned and breakfast was ready. Man we were waiting for this moment ????. After breakfast packed lunch was ready and then comes the title ready,set,whoa------ trek started at 8.30am and a guide will be accompanied with us. Frstly u need to obtain permission from the forest department which is not difficult at all.( i have included all the rates at the end of the blog)

>So the frst stretch is comparitively easy where u find flat stretches of land with a bit of elevation in between and thereby u reach onti mara ( single tree) which is the mid point of our trek that comes after 5 kms.

>the next stretch tests ur patience and stamina especially if its sunny coz the elevation is really high. This stretch stretches out each of the nerves in the legs???????? this stretch continues for another 4 kms and then u find flat land for another 1 km which makes it a total of 10 kms.

P.s. i have not included each of the stops bcoz i dont remember them....will update as soon as i get them. Asking for ur apology????

So we reached the peak at 1.30 and one more thing is that u r not supposed to stay on the peak after 2pm. Have the packed lunch at the peak and start to descend. For me descend is the toughest part with rains and slush all over its gonna slip really badly so please wear appropriate shoes if u r goin in the monsoon and also beware of leaches????.

The descend usually takes more time if its raining and we reached the home stay at 5.30.

Snacks and tea were ready and as i mentioned food is that one word which everyone craves for????...... hot water was ready and had bath and stayed in the rooms for that nyt.

Dinner will be served in the home stay so had dinner and slept nicely.

Day 3

So the last day of our trip???? got up at 7 got ready and went to kalasa where we had booked the tickets to bangalore. If u guessed that we just chatted on the whole journey to bangalore then u r wrong???????? we slept like we had not seen sleep for the past 2 days.

And then the watch ticks 5.30 and we are near bangalore....we cant believ we were busy sleeping the whole journey....omg????????.

Thats fyn we had enjoyed the previous day to the core and now it was tym to sleep.

Important details:

Home stay owner: Mr. Rajegowda - 9481179008

Bus timings

Blore to kalasa ( rajahamsa)-10:26pm

Kalasa to Blore ( ordinary bus)-9.30am

Jeep cost:

Kalasa to Mr.Rajegowda house-Rs 1000/- per group.

If there are more groups like 2 groups the amount will be reduced.

Home stay cost: food and stay cost- Rs 800/- per person

Guide charges: Rs 500/- per group

Forest charges: Rs 275/- per person plus and additional Rs 75/- though i dono the exact reason for this????.

So thats it guys i have shared ny experience with u please do let me know if there are any mistakes or changes that need to be made.....if u like it please do share and support the write up.

Thank you guys.

Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg
Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg
Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg
Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg
Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg
Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg
Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg

Onti mara - the mid point of our trek

Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Bhargav Mg