Trekking to Kudremukh


“…it is essential to recognize that we can never know more than one side, one small aspect of a mountain.”

~ Murakami

Photo of Kudremukh, Karnataka, India by Abhinav Sharma

In one of my recent treks with a group, there was the usual introduction round, the round where you introduce yourself and mention the number of treks that you have done. I think after a point of time, the questions like, “how many, how much, how often” should become redundant. I have been trekking for a good number of years now, a good number in the Himalayas and a few in South India too. I am pretty much sure that I have done about 40+ treks but now I have stopped keeping count for the good, for there is a long way to go, many more trails to take and when I reach there, probably there be many more trails to take. This is how our lives are, no matter where we are in life, there is still journey ahead.

Photo of Trekking to Kudremukh by Abhinav Sharma

There is only one best time to do this trek and it is post monsoons. I did this trek in last week of August and I must confess that I managed to be at the right place at the right time. I literally walked in the clouds, amidst lush green forests and waterfalls. For me it was a Dejavu as I had been trekking the valley of flowers last year at the same time and many of the landscape so resembled the VOF National park. The trek is a rare mix of the surreal, heartfelt and mystical. Among the treks I have done in India, this will definitely come in my recommendation. I would not recommend this for beginners as it’s a 22km round trek with quite a hard climb at the end, but if you have tested the waters sometime, make this in your go to list for sure.

Photo of Trekking to Kudremukh by Abhinav Sharma

The trekking trail is pretty straightforward, you have to follow the trail that begins from the entry gate of the Kudremukh National Park and keep on continuing on the trail. Just at the beginning of the trail itself you will be welcomed by two consecutive water streams and you can view a few distant waterfalls. For the first half for about 11 kms, it will be a gradual trail amidst the forests, streams and few plain fields. As soon as you cross the plain fields, you get a view of the peak, which gets its name from the fact that it resembles a Horse Face. You can easily comprehend the trail and for your convenience there are boards on the way which direct you to the peak. This area is leech infested but this time around there were very few leeches and I managed to come out with only two bites.

Photo of Trekking to Kudremukh by Abhinav Sharma

Few pointers on the trek:

Distance from Bangalore: 340 kms one way

How to reach the base camp: Bangalore-Kalasa-Balagal-Mullodi

Total Trek distance- 22km round trip

Height of Kudremukh Peak: 1892m

No camping allowed as this is inside a National Park

Trekking permission can be obtained at the beginning of the National Park

Stay at guesthouses in Mullodi

Carry the day’s lunch and a bottle of water will be enough

Carry a day’s pack with a bottle of water

Photo of Trekking to Kudremukh by Abhinav Sharma

At the end of treks you get tired, especially if it is 22km long and it rains on the way back. Sometimes the little joys of life are in a good night’s sleep post a tiring day of trek in the cold.