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Camping with the Fireflies at Samrad on 30th and 31st May 2015 - Mapping Journeys!

30th May 2015
Photo of Camping with the Fireflies at Samrad on 30th and 31st May 2015 - Mapping Journeys! 1/1 by Mapping Journeys
Fireflies Camping

Camping at Samrad!
It's true what they say about Sandhan, you can't get enough of the place. Also known as The Valley Of Shadows, it is a beautiful valley situated in the Western Ghats. Located near beautiful Bhandardara region, it is also surrounded by Alang, Madan, Kulang, Kalsubai, Ratangad and Ajoba forts.

About Fireflies :

Have you ever touched a light bulb that's been on for a while? If you did, you probably burned your finger! An average electric light bulb gives off 90% of its energy as heat, and only 10% as light. If fireflies produced that much heat when they lit up, they'd probably incinerate themselves. Fireflies produce light through an efficient chemical reaction that allows them to glow without wasting heat energy. All 100% of the energy goes into making light.

Fireflies, also called lightning bugs, are neither flies nor bugs.Fireflies are actually beetles. Like all other beetles, they have hardened forewings called elytra, which meet in a straight line down the back when at rest.

Fireflies don't put on those spectacular summer displays just to entertain us. You're actually eavesdropping on the firefly singles bar. Male fireflies cruising for mates flash a species-specific pattern to announce their availability to receptive females. An interested female will reply, helping the male locate her where she's perched, often on low vegetation.

The well-known femme fatales in the genus Photuris use a trick called aggressive mimicry to make meals of other fireflies. When a male firefly of another genus flashes its light signal, the female Photuris firefly replies with the male's flash pattern, suggesting she is a receptive mate of his own species. She continues luring him in, closer and closer, until he's within her reach. Then she eats him!

This May, witness a million fireflies
emitting their lights and camping with you :)

Height: 4100 ft Appx
Grade: Medium
Location: Bhandardara Region


Day 1: 30th May, Saturday
Catch the CST - Kasara Bound Train
02:25pm - CST
02:38pm - Dadar
02:45pm - Kurla
03:04pm - Thane
03:23pm - Kalyan
04:34pm - Kasara

04:45pm - Everyone Meets and Leaves towards Campsite
07:00pm - Reach Bhandardara and Freshen Up
07:30pm - Early Dinner in the village
08:30pm - Walk to the campsite
09:00pm - Chill at the campsite, appreciate the fireflies lit trees, gaze up at the stars or sleep by the campfire!

Day 2: 31st May, Sunday
07:00am: Wake up for the sunrise
08:00am: Get served with warm breakfast
08:30am: Leave the campsite for exploring the whereabouts
09:00am to 11:00am - Visit Kokankada and Sandhan Valley
11:30am - Reach the village for Lunch
12:30pm: Bid Goodbye! Head for the station.
02:30pm: Catch a return train to Mumbai

Cost: Rs. 1550/- per person

Minimum Participants for the event to happen: 8

Transportation from Kasara to Kasara
Meals as mentioned
Sandhan and Konkankada Exploration
Stay and Camping Charges
Expert Guidance

Meals during travel
Personal expenses
Insurance of any kind
Medical hospitalization, evacuation and related expenses
Any item not covered under “inclusions”

For confirmation of the seat, full amount needs to be deposited prior to the event.

Note: Consumption of any form of alcohol or narcotics is strictly prohibited. If found, the person will not be included in the event and we hold no responsibility about their safety