How to get the Best while You are Flying! #travelideas #traveltips


Ok , I have been thinking about this topic for a long time. For budget travellers like me, we always have to watch out for that sharp rise in airfare whether it is domestic or international. Non-refundable tickets are no doubt cheap but they are also sometimes risky as for whatever reasons if you have to cancel then your entire money will go down the swoosh. So these are some of my fundas which will help you save costs at the same time make your experience enjoyable.

1)Firstly if you are travelling international referring to sites such as skyscanner is not a bad idea. It provides you a comparison of all the airline sites offering you the best prices. For domestic travel, compare 2-3 travel sites such as make my trip, yatra and goibibo and book where it is found lowest. Often times a particular portal offers huge discounts compared to the others.

2)Secondly while making the payment, try looking at all the options. My friend recently got a discount on the same ticket that I booked because she made the payment via Penpal while I made it via card. Also certain bank cards if you do have offers 0% emi.

3)If your flight is only for a short distance you can avoid seat selection as often times airlines charge for a particular seat.

4)Always try to register in the club of the particular airline as it helps you in gaining points. This points can later be redeemed for travel rebate and sometimes even upgrade.

5)When you are booking your flight ticket try registering in the site rather than as a guest user. Travel portals such as Goibibo offers Gocash that can be redeemed for hotels, flight fares, cab etc. Plus it helps keep a tab on all your bookings

6) Low cost airlines does not offer free food rather you have to pay for the snack and that too options are limited. If your journey is of break journey and longer duration book you flight meal as it is always cheaper than on ground. Alternatively if you have time on your hands, arrive in the airport earlier and have a bite than on the flight. While travelling internationally I always arrive earlier and use my priority card which gives me free lounge access. Even in domestic travel maximum credit cards allows you to access lounge for a minimal amount of Rs 25/- itself.

7)Long duration of flight allows your feet to be cramped and sometimes even blood flow may stop leading to acute pain. To avoid it try moving your toes and your ankle in inward and outward rotation. You can also shift your body sideways without disturbing your co-passenger. In between try taking a walk throughout the aircraft when the crowd is less .

8) If your ears pop due to cabin pressure politely ask the airhostess for cotton buds and put them in the ear. or else you can plug your earphones .

9)Always carry a hydrating lotion for your hands and face as skin often gets dry due to cabin pressure. Also carry wet wipes for long distance flights and a lip balm for chapped lips.

10)The best part is -in flight entertainment. Nowadays even domestic airlines provide in-flight entertainment which can be accessed in your mobile and tablet. So u can surf news, talk shows movies etc.

11)If you are only carrying cabin baggage then web check in is a better option. It will avoid the hassles of long queue in the aiport. Also try using the kiosk in the airport for direct print out of your boarding pass and you can drop your luggage at the luggage drop belt directly.

12)And lastly try to avoid last minute rush. If not for your flight some airports are worth exploring like the Singapore airport. In India also the Bhubaneswar airport has sand art displayed and Guwahati airport the traditional masks. So have a look around after all airports are not that bad!

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