Solo kedarkantha winter snow trek in 4000/- Inr

7th Feb 2020
Photo of Solo kedarkantha winter snow trek in 4000/- Inr by Mohit Sharma
Day 1


I was started my journey from Delhi at 7 p.m. and reached Dehradun in early morning and change another bus for Dehradun to sankri from mussoorie bus stand . I met locals at Purola in Between way to sankri. I was started my journey from dehradoon .

I saw different kind of mountain peaks in between of way to sankri. The drive from Dehradun to Sankri is very beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We stopped in between for taking break and finally reached Sankri at around 4 in the evening.

From Dehradun, you will get shared jeeps or bus to Purola. From there, Mori is the next hub which is 35 km away and takes about 1.5 hours.

From Mori, you get the next shared jeep to Naitwar which is 11 kms in distance.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Naitwar from Mori.

From Naitwar, one road goes to Dhaula and Duni and the other ( towards right ) goes to Sankri and Taluka.

Sankri is 25 km from Naitwar and takes about an hour.

However, the shared vehicles wait to get filled and it takes a lot of time to fill.

Delhi to dehradun tickets price 330rs for uttarpradesh roadways

Dehradun to sankri private bus ticket price was 330rs

At purola in Uttarkashi district

Photo of Sankri, Uttarakhand, India by Mohit Sharma

Locals for waiting a Bus!!!

Photo of Sankri, Uttarakhand, India by Mohit Sharma

The Sankari Village in Uttarakhand is a route to The Paradise of Himalayas for every trekker.

Day 2


I was stay last night in hostel (himalayan high) nominal charges .Next day early morning I was wake up and prepare myself for trek and all essential are pack in my rucksack. Juda ka Talab which is around 4 Km from Sankri.

The starting point of the trek is local Sankri road, through an extension called Sor and then entering into the local trails. This is the road leading up towards Kedarkantha. Initially, the climb will test you by making you climb multiple bridges through a densely forested area. We were Taking a break middle of juda kaa talab to sankri enjoy some maggi and tea refreshment. ( 190 rs for 2 bowl maggi and 3 cup of tea) tea was really good.

Juda ka Talab is based at an altitude of 9100 ft, and the total time it would take you to achieve this milestone is approx 2-3hours. Around here, you will also sport Langoors swinging about in the tree. I was making balls of snow throwing them doing all the kiddish things and enjoying. Then move towards for Kedarkantha Base camp.

Finally we (Me and Adesh my trek guide) were able to reach our campsite Kedarkantha Base camp in late afternoon. We pitched our tent . We kept our things in the tent and had tea. Campsite was looking very beautiful, everything was covered with snow.

met the previous trekkers who were coming from the summit and were hearing their experiences. They were telling us to start the summit trek early as they started a little late and only 6 of them were able to complete the summit.Then we took a dinner (220rs pay for 2 person meals)

The temperature went down to -17 in the night and I was freezing but somehow we (me and Adesh in same tent) managed to sleep.

First bridge from sankri!!

Photo of Kedarkantha Base Camp by Mohit Sharma

In between sankri to juda kaa talab!!

Photo of Kedarkantha Base Camp by Mohit Sharma

Juda ka talab!!

Photo of Kedarkantha Base Camp by Mohit Sharma
Day 3


We woke up( Me and My Guide Adesh ) at 3:40am. The previous night was very difficult. Many people were not able to sleep due to extreme cold and it was not possible for all to go to summit trek. .

We were getting ready and I saw my shoes were frozen, I was not able to put my foot inside the shoes as top of the shoe became very hard due to ice. I tried a lot and finally after lot of efforts I was able to wear my shoes. .

This was one of the most difficult tasks I ever did. But now I had to wear crampons and gaiters also. I was not very hungry so I skipped the breakfast, Only black tea . .

We started our trek to summit, we were asked to move fast, our target was to reach the summit before 7am Sunrise . Initially I was fine and was moving at a normal speed. But after sometime I started feeling weak.My Guide (Adesh) asked me r u fine?? .

I said I am fine and I will move ahead. I started moving slowly. When we reached near summit, I was totally exhausted but was very happy that I finally made it.

After clicking some pictures at the summit and spending some time there. We started descending. One of us started sliding down in the snow and then all of us followed. It was a fun experience.

After that we were trek down and enjoy the beauty of kedarkantha Trek trail and slide on snow from the peak and reach to kk base camp. we were all our stuff (tent, sleeping bags and all essential) packed and after that we were trek down to Sankri and reach sankri late afternoon and then first of all I took a shower and then lunch .

Late evening same day i took share taxi with my fellow dr. Sahab (abhinav ji) he live near my home. And reach Dehradun Uttarakhand and then reach delhi next day early morning.

So that it all about my journey to KEDARKANTHA TREK

I hope you like it .if you love my story follow me on instagram @explorewithmohit.

Thanks a lot to give me your precious time .

Kedarkanta summit!!

Photo of Kedarkantha Peak by Mohit Sharma

Kedarkanta Base camp!!

Photo of Kedarkantha Peak by Mohit Sharma

Kedarkanta Base camp!!

Photo of Kedarkantha Peak by Mohit Sharma

PC @ dr.sahab (abhinav)

Photo of Kedarkantha Peak by Mohit Sharma

Early morning scenes from kedarkantha peak !!

Photo of Kedarkantha Peak by Mohit Sharma

Kedarkanta summit (Jai Bholenath)

Photo of Kedarkantha Peak by Mohit Sharma