Top 5 reasons to visit Ireland

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The Emerald Isle is a magical destination, full of mountain peaks, inaccessible and mysterious islands, desolate castles and warm and kind-hearted people. This Celtic country is full of jaw-dropping natural landscapes but it is also ideal for city breaks.

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is a popular destination for the modern traveller who's into road-tripping and exploring the iconic sights of this green nation, even in the strange times of Covid-19. Let's see what makes this country so much worthy of exploring by thoroughly citing the top 5 reasons to visit Ireland:


Founded by the almighty Vikings over a thousand years ago, Dublin has remained at the centre of the Irish commerce, culture and craft throughout the years. With the famous Temple Bar and the huge variety of drinks to lift your spirits (no pun intended), the iconic bar and neighbourhood are one of the most fabled (and priciest) drinking spots in Europe. Talking about drinks, you can't visit Dublin without having a Guinness. Even if you're not a big fan of this black stuff (shame on you!), you can give it another try by visiting the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Also, remember to take a book with you and just lie in the lush campus of The Trinity College and take a visit into the monumental library.

2. Boyne Valley

Remember that every mile you drive from Dublin's centre to the Heritage Site of Boyne Valley turns the clock back for more than 150 years of history. Imagine that you're getting into a DeLorean and travel through time. But not really. Anyway, exploring the historical sites of Ireland by car is a unique experience for any traveller looking for a real touch on the culture and history of that place. And with Enjoy Travel you can hire a car in Ireland at the most affordable price to wander around the green country. So drive to the passage tombs of Newgrange, one of Europe's most astonishing megalithic sites and which was built over 5200 years ago!

3. Festivals

The Celtic country is also famous for some of the best festivals in the world, where the music is hopping and the craic is mighty! Yeah, we know that in times of the pandemic a festival is the last thing to come through our minds, but before that, the country was holding one of the most celebrated national holidays in the world; the St. Patrick's Day. The day that inspires the world to green and is a total must for everyone's Ireland bucket list! Another famous festival is Lisdoonvarna Festival, the world's largest matchmaking festival with romantic hopefuls and participants from all over the world.

4. Connemara

This sparsely populated but iconic location of Ireland's west is a wild and mountainous expanse that borders the Wild Atlantic Way. Connemara is one of Ireland's few remaining bastions of the Irish Gaelic language - one of the ten oldest languages still in use in the world - and is being referred to as the largest Gaeltacht region in Ireland. On a bright sunny day, the golden shores and the sapphire blue seas can rival any tropical island on any place in the world. "Savage Beauty" were the words that used to describe that place from Oscar Wilde; one of Ireland's most famous poets.

5. Pubs

And the last reason to visit Ireland could not be someone other than the country's pubs. Pubs are a basic part of the Irish social scene and should be an integral part of your own journey too. Travellers use pubs not just to drink, but to eat, to get a shelter for the rain, to watch a sports game and to make new friends. The relaxed, informal atmosphere, works as a refuge from the cares of everyday life. You'll find the most traditional and atmospheric pubs in Ireland's countryside and smaller towns, where you can get the full experience of what it means to have a pint in Ireland. And always remember: when you say "a beer, please" in an Irish pub, you'll always get a pint of Guinness.

Of course, Ireland also has other fantastic places to discover and visit, but today we have pointed out the 5 top reasons to visit this majestic country. Are you convinced to visit this fairytale-like country and plan your next adventure to Ireland? We hope so.

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