15 Incredible Sights In Egypt Every Traveler Needs To See

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When people hear the word Egypt, it’s often the Pyramids that first come to mind. However, this a country that has approximately 7,000 years of history and civilization. As mind-blowing as they might be, the Pyramids at Giza are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unmissable attractions. Home of the ancient pharaohs, Egypt is a dazzling destination of temples and tombs, from the ancient wonders of Luxor to the grand structures at Abu Simbel. But the country has way more to offer than historic treasures.

The landscapes of Egypt are endlessly fascinating. You can watch the sun rise over vast tracts of desert, ride a camel to the summit of Mount Sinai, scope out the superb scuba diving at the coral reefs and shipwrecks at Ras Mohammed National Park, or head to the beaches of Sinai to soak up the sun. Cairo is a megalopolis that will leave city slickers buzzing, while those seeking the relaxed pace of the countryside can unwind at the Siwa Oasis. It's the perfect country for a mix of culture, adventure, and relaxation - there is something for everyone. And there doesn’t have to be a pyramid in sight.