Cheap Thrills in Goa..!! - a first timer's guide. #chirkytales

2nd Mar 2015
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The moonlight song at Anjuna
Day 1

Long live Goa.. "once more" is the word when it comes to Goa.. This is strictly with regard to north Goa; since I didn't get a chance to leave it and explore the south. So, my trip was with 5 of my school friends and it was planned for 5 days stay in Goa. It was a first for all of us in Goa. Since we were jobless at that moment, our budget was roughly 10k for each but it ended up in just 8k per head! Yes! you read that right. As it was march, we killed our "no ways" and booked out train tickets in sleeper class. It cost us 700/- per head for one way. Surprisingly, despite of the 33 hours long journey, the konkan scenaries and vada pao venders made it go in a poof! We had booked it till Thivim; since we were sticking to Baga-Calangute only. We booked a cab for 6 of us from Thivim to Titos lane, Baga, for 500/- and stayed there at Casa Madgaonkar Villa by paying 2800/- per night for the whole villa with kitchen. The villa is really nice and best for its location. Its on Titos lane 2, which is just opposite Titos lane and you can see the beach and tiding sea waves from just standing outside these villas. We rented 2 scooty and 1 avenger for 250/- each per day and 600/- per day respectively.

The night looks like this in Baga!

Photo of Baga, Goa, India by Chirkytales
Day 2

On our day 2, we went to Miramar beach and enjoyed the amazing pao bhaji calling from the roadsides and then enjoyed the splendid goan colourful views and beautiful mandovi river till dusk and spend our night at Club Cubana governing the mystic arpora hills and it was no less than a wonder. For Club Cubana, they took you in their Thar as its on hill top. It was a Tuesday night offering free unlimited drinks for 1800/- couple entry and 1400/- stags (accompanied by couples) with unlimited drinks included. It was not that crowdy that night but everything about it was awesome. We stayed and enjoyed till we started dropping and some of us started passing out.. :-D Club Cubana is highly recommended to those who can spend a bit extra for extra enjoyment and extra safety plus amazing scenic city view from the top.

Day 3

On day 3, we went to Calangute and the beach was mesmerizing with clean waters and softest shore soils. And finally came the night, which was one to be relished throughout my life. Shiva Valley - the name defines it all... !! Man!! This was insane. People dancing madly to the trance and all on their own; everybody's with someone but nobody with none!! This is how one feels when they enter into the world of "Shiva Valley". The entry was free for ladies and foreigners but Indian men had to pay 500/- each.. I don't appreciate the discrimination, but understand the marketing benefit behind that. Anjuna - is one of the best beaches in Goa, its mystically magical and the waves are like dancing to some tunes of their own and just making you go crazy like never before. One can hear the amazing sounds of the waves hitting the shore from miles away. The beach is full of venders (mostly women) selling bun - omelettes and amazing lemon maggie (both for 50/- each) and chocolates and cigarettes and the stuffs for which Shiva Valley is famous for. It was the the best night of my life and its damn highly recommended and is a must must MUST TRY..!!

The moonlight song at Anjuna

Photo of Shiva Valley, Anjuna, Goa, India by Chirkytales
Day 4

The whole day we splurged on some water activities since we were not able to do it in Calangute because of the tides. But, Baga offers a bit expensive water sports than Calangute, but is exciting if you are a first timer! I don't remember exactly the price, but it was around 1800-2000/- for jet skiing and parasailing both included. In the evening we enjoyed the amazing Titos lane and the goan offerings around Baga.

Never seize to impress - BAGA!

Photo of Baga Beach, Baga, Goa, India by Chirkytales
Day 5

Day 5th was all set to explore the magical Arambol. It was around 40-50kms from Baga and was a ride full of serenity and splendid scenaries. In Arambol, one has to trail from one end to another which leads to the sweet water lake and an amazing "just don't go anywhere" type of another world. We enjoyed the sink in the white pearl sands of these amazing beach and stayed there till the sunset. This was such a peaceful experience and will always stay their in my daydreams. After such a beautiful sunset, we were not at all ready to leave Goa but had to leave. Our boarding back to Delhi was from Madgaon, and the cab took 1500/- from Baga to Madgaon railway station. Apart from all the fun, we enjoyed most of our meals in Kajal restaurant in just few metres away from Calangute beach and the food here is amazing and superbly affordable.

Magical sunset at Arambol...

Photo of Arambol Beach, Arambol, Goa, India by Chirkytales

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