Weekend Escape – Damdama You Beauty!

28th Jun 2019
Photo of Weekend Escape – Damdama You Beauty! by WabiSabi

While everyone is travelling around the world -my family, friends and colleagues, I felt stuck being in the office Monday to Friday and scrolling Internet and sleeping on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I felt terrible and wanted a break from this monotony.

Being in my first job and with low on budget, we decided to go to a place near Gurgaon away from hustle bustle of the city, thinking to get some peace and some quality time with each other in the mist of nature.

That’s when we came to know about Damdama Lake, a perfect picnic spot which is 30 KMS away from Gurgaon City. Finally, took a long awaited leave from work and both of us packed our bags, booked our cab and hotels and ran from this hustle bustle thinking to get some peace.

Damdama Lake is a popular picnic spot and the lake is one of the biggest natural lakes in Haryana, Covering area of 3000 acres with the backdrop of the Aravali Mountains. People visiting this place can indulge in boating, hot air ballooning, parasailing, kayaking and fishing and camel riding. Adventure sports like rock climbing, trekking and camping are also possible. Damdama Lake also boasts of being home to a variety of birds. More than 190 species of birds are found here, including the resident and migratory. Some birds found here are kingfisher, tern, egret, waterfowl, crane and cormorant.

Photo of Damdama Lake, Haryana by WabiSabi
Day 1

We packed some food and booked our cab, which picked us up from Gurgaon at 9:00 PM. It took us around 1-hour 30 mins drive to reach the hotel. As soon as we got off Highway, the roads were not well constructed and were very narrow. There were no streetlights, and one has to pass through a whole village and the villagers were fond of Hookahs and were giving us weird looks, we were afraid. We really felt unsafe, after murmuring God’s Name, we finally reached our hotel and that day we decided that we would never travel late night to unknown places, especially in cabs.

Thankfully, we checked in the hotel safely, took a quick shower, and enjoyed the rest of the night with food, good music, and a calm and serene lake view from our balcony.

Day 2

As there was not much for us to do for the entire day, we decided to wake up a little late around 11:00 and went straight for breakfast in the hotel. I must tell you the best part of this trip was the amazing food! I couldn’t believe the hotel we were staying in is a Haryana Tourism venture. They had such great hospitality. It has around 15 cottages built in traditional style and each cottage opens onto a balcony overlooking the lake. A beautiful budget friendly and clean hotel with delicious food, and very educated and friendly staff. They took care of all our needs.

Photo of Weekend Escape – Damdama You Beauty! by WabiSabi

Later in the day, we indulged ourselves with a camel ride and boating enjoying the view of Aravali hills. We came back to the hotel and decided to sleep. Sleeping with open curtains, which gave us a whole lake and mountains view, had worked its charm on us. I am so glad we took this decision to unwind ourselves.

Photo of Weekend Escape – Damdama You Beauty! by WabiSabi

At night, we had our dinner and decided to take a long stroll in the lush green lawns. The weather was very pleasant and walking hand in hand by gorgeous green surroundings and tranquil atmosphere, it felt impeccable with the reelection of moonshining on the surface of the lake.

Day 3

We woke up around 8, had our breakfast. Played UNO, binge-watched a series and checked out around 12. Trust me it was one of a peaceful and pleasurable vacation I have ever had. I am glad we took a break from our busy lives; lived a little on our own and spend time with my love.

It was a perfect weekend getaway!