First solo trip

3rd Nov 2015
Day 1

My first solo trip. Ever.

After weeks of planning, I've decided on Hanoi, Saigon and Bangkok.

Excited, of course, in the weeks leading up to the trip. With mom breathing down my neck about safety and stuffs. Dad was supportive, though. "Just don't get into trouble in another man's land." With a smirk, I shrugged it off as my parents overreacting.

When the day finally arrived, waiting to board the plane at Singapore Changi Airport, trepidation crept in. Only one question filled up my head - "Am I doing the right thing?" This fear of journeying into the unknown has always been a part of me since young. 5 minutes before last call, I told myself that it's now or never and everything is already paid with my blood, sweat and tears.

Upon reaching Hanoi, all sense of fear was replaced with that sense of uncertainty. Unsure of what to do and who to approach seeing as English is not their first language or worse, most don't speak it at all! Fortunately, the hostel that I was staying in had sent a driver to fetch me. So all was good. Didn't go out sightseeing as I was still tired from the flight, but I did venture out for food. Being a Muslim, it was difficult to find halal food or even food that has no pork nor lard. What they say about Vietnamese eating everything, it's true. Hence, I became a vegetarian for a couple of days. Ah, the horror.