Wandering in Vietnam

Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda
Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda
Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda
Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda
Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda
Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda
Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda
Photo of Wandering in Vietnam by Shaurya Veer Suda

Vietnam, a country which is astonishingly beautiful and compelling, brings out a lot in you. It makes your travel addictive. Ranging from its unique heritage to its divine cuisines, Vietnam has surely made it to my top adventure places. World's best seafood and its amazing scenery makes me eager to visit the country from time to time. The spirit, determination and compassion of the locals makes your travel even more exciting.

My travel varied from the rigid and authentic mountains of Ha giang to the breaking of sweat in hanoi to the luxurious boat ride of ha long bay and the exciting adventures on cat ba island.


Hanoi is undergoing a rapid transformation. You can dine on the wild and wonderful at every corner, have all kinds of meat. One of my favorites would be the ban mih,which is the traditional subway, sample market wares, uncover an evolving arts scene, then sleep soundly in a little luxury for very little cost. It is important to roam around the streets with a map as the city has a lot to offer around every corner.Meet the people, delve into the past and witness the awakening of a Hanoi on the move. You can run around the central lake in the mornings and then break some sweat in the open gym next to the lake itself. To have a feel of traditional vietnam it is important to stay in the old quarter. My advice to break the night : little hanoi hostel.

Places to visit: Hang duong street, Night market, Ba Vi National park, the french quarter


Where the dragon descends into the sea, it is sensible opt for cruise-tours that include sleeping on board within the bay, while a growing number are deciding to abjure the main bay completely, heading straight for Cat Ba Island from where trips to less-visited but equally enticing Lan Ha Bay are easily set up.

Best time to visit: Late may till early august.

Travel advice: Carry your speakers with you with a playlist which has good vibes to enjoy a night sky full of stars surrounded by the limestones which stand tall in the still water of the bay.


A small island which is full of activities. You start with a trek in the Cat Ba national park which is not anything less than what you have experienced in the jurassic park.Once you reach the top you feel like you're piercing your head through the clouds. A magical view awaits you. Beware of the wild species of insects you'll find here.

After the trek you are open to ride a motorcycle around the island, or go visit the monkey island. I personally chose the biking as i have a love for roads and bikes. The island provides an upfront white sand beach to where you can ride your bike and have a fresh swim.

My favorite pick would be the rose bar, which allows you to play your own music. A pool table to start the fun, you can select from a wide range of alcohol and my favorite the hydrogen balloon.


My favorite place in vietnam and the most authentic place in north vietnam. You can rent a motorbike to go all the way uptill van doghn(china-vietnam border).The average time to make a round trip would be 4-5 days. It is a breathtaking view once you start the ascend. There is wi-fi in almost every hotel you stay.The cheapest stay you could find would be 6$.Once you start your ride make sure you're carrying a permit to enter the van doghn border.Once you reach there you have to climb an odd 300 steps to reach on the top of the tower from where you can see the chinese border. One of the most beautiful passes in the world the ma pi leng pass. It is a 23km long stretch of beautiful scenery, which makes you stop after every 100m to take a snap. The perfectly sketched mountains makes it hard not to look at them at every moment. However be careful while riding, it is a dangerous pass with trucks coming at every point of time.

Where to rent the bikes:- johny tran.

Vietnam is a place where i would go whenever i get a chance to, it is worth the money you put in, and if you are looking to travel on a low cost then my friend this is the place for you. The average trip (excluding the airfare) would cost you 250-400$.

paradise for sky lovers

the exciting place

the most authentic and beautiful place in vietnam

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