Instead of Loitering on Shimla's Mall Road, Here Are Four DIY Treks That You Can Undertake!


As beautiful as Shimla is, there's no denying that after a day or two, there's not much more to do. For all of you who are heading to the queen of the hills and are looking for some adventure, here are four treks close to Shimla that you can take!

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Photo of Hatu Peak, Himachal Pradesh by Saumiabee

This is the second-highest peak in Shimla district located only 70km away from the town. Standing at a height of 12,000 ft., the peak offers views of fir, maple, and cedar forests. This is the ideal serene alternative to the crowded, bustling Mall Road of Shimla.

Know Before You Go:

You can hire a cab or take a bus from Shimla to Narkanda, a journey that will take only about an hour to complete. Narkanda forms the base of the trek, from where the peak lies only 7km away. This is an easy hike that will take you through mild ascents, through a beautiful alpine forest. You can either complete the trek in one day, or camp at the campsite that lies about 3km away from the peak. The trail to the peak is clearly marked and you are sure to enjoy gorgeous views of Himachal.

Route to Follow:

Narkanda — Hatu Peak — Narkanda

Best Time to Undertake:

The ideal time to do the trek is in summer, however, if you want to experience an easy snow-hike, Hatu Peak is a great place to start. Please note that the temperatures may dip as low as -8°C. However, if you are planning to undertake the hike under unfavourable conditions, don't forget to take the locals' opinion or take a guide along.

Where to Stay:

You can even stay at Narkanda the Hatu Camp, a campsite located on the peak at ₹2700 - ₹3000 per bed.

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Image credit: Shilpi Siwach

Photo of Moral Danda, Himachal Pradesh by Saumiabee

This is a wonderful short trek in the Himalayas, from where the trans Himalaya Baspa range begins. What makes this trek interesting is the fact that it is almost an unexplored trek. The route is lined with numerous caves, Rhodendron and Oak forests.

Know Before You Go:

The 11km trek begins from a small village called Sungri that is located about 130km from Shimla. This journey will take you 4 hours, after which you can begin the trek to Mural Danda. The peak is situated at a height of 14,000ft. from where one can see snow-clad ranges and verdant forests below.

Route to Follow:

Sungri — Roopra — Mural Top — Roopra — Sungri

Best Time to Undertake:

The ideal time to undertake this trek is April-May or October-November as during these months the temperatures are comfortable and the mountains are in full bloom.

Where to Stay:

You will not find any hotels listed for Sungri on the internet, so once you reach Shimla, you can ask around for guest houses or homestays that provide accommodation.

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Photo of Serolsar Lake, Himachal Pradesh by Saumiabee

This is a beautiful lake tucked away amidst the stunning hills near Jalori Pass at a height of 10,496ft.

Know Before You Go:

The lake can either be approached by Jalori pass or from Shoja, the distances of which from Shimla are 151km and 156km. This journey will take you about 5 hours to complete. Once at either of the bases, the trek to the lake is only 5km long and takes 2 hours to complete. The pristine lake is surrounded by forests of Alpine trees and is mostly visited by photographers who come to click the unique birds who visit the lake. You can even camp by the lake; the site is so dark that it offers majestic night-sky views.

Route to follow:

Shoja/Jalori Pass Temple — Serolsar Lake — Shoja/Jalori Pass

Best Time to Undertake:

May- June is the ideal time to visit Serolsar Lake as its get extremely cold during other months.

Where to Stay:

You can stay at Mudhouse Experiential Hostel (₹1100 onwards) in Jibhi and then head to the lake. Once at the lake, you can stay at the govt. rest house.

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Photo of Bashleo Pass, Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh by Saumiabee

Bashleo Pass Trek will take you through the most gorgeous landscapes in Himachal. Beginning from a village called Batahad, the trek takes you all the way to Sarahan in Kullu. The pass is situated at an elevation of 10,751 ft.

Know Before You Go:

The base camp for the trek, Batahad is located 190km from Shimla; the village is located at an approximate distance of 8km from Gushaini. If you're doing the trek by yourself, start from Gushaini to reach Batahad early morning and begin your trek towards the pass. This journey will take you about 4 hours to complete, after which you begin a descend of 3km to Sarahan. The descend will take you only 2 hours. In case you choose to go with a guide or trekking company, you can even camp at the pass. The trek is very picturesque with trails meandering through meadows and opening up to an expansive view of Kullu Valley.

Route to Follow:

Gushaini — Batahad — Beshleo Pass — Kullu Sarahan.

Best Time to Undertake:

This trek can be done almost all around the year ie. April - November. Peak winter months are not suitable because of thick snow that makes the trek difficult.

Where to Stay:

At Gushaini, there are numerous accommodation options that you can choose from. Bluehouse By The River (₹3500 onwards) and Arjun Homestay (₹1500 onwards) are places you can stay at.

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