Auli In Sweet Novemeber 

1st Nov 2018
Photo of Auli In Sweet Novemeber by Photophile_life
Day 1

We had planned a sudden trip during our Nov 2018 Birthday and the Destination was Auli. It was this early November day and the passing clouds and chill wind to say it was a very #comfortablecoldweather had already made our trip more pleasant. Imagine staying in Bangalore and then finding a place like this feels like Paradise. Slowly as the day light emerge this beautiful early morning view of the Ganges #Snowmelted #SeagreenGanges got us excited even before reaching our destination - AULI. Well we were actually going till Joshimath for today and we had started from Haridwar at 5 AM. Haridwar to Joshimath is about 280 Km so it take around 9-10 hours to reach so make sure you are ready to set up for this Journey and when we were travelling we had taken many pit stops sometimes for Chai , for breakfast then Chai again and sometimes thunderstruck by the mountain view to click pictures, so yeah relax and enjoy the Journey. We took cab which charged us around Rps 6500 per trip however there are buses as well which would be pretty affordable and reasonable.

This was after we had reached Joshimath and we were so excited after seeing the Breathtaking Himalayas . If you are a mountain lover this is the a must visit place for you guys.

Here i am adding some links below of the Himalayan Eco Lodge, you can check them out if you wish to, Also another reason we took this stay is its very near to the cable cars and is also 5-6 Kms from Auli. Please talk to them before booking , as they can also arrange the cabs facilities for you.

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Day 2

The next day when we woke up it was already raining and we were shivering :P

We had our awesome breakfast and started for Auli. As it was raining the cable cars would not operate and we had to take the cab. As as our cab was climbing the hill top we were so surprised "it was snowing". We love snow so for us it was just another Wow moments. and the whole day it snowed and we kept warm in our cozy rooms enjoying the hot Cup of Coffee and Snacks.

Next morning when we woke up we were extremely happy as the SUN was back and it was a bright day. We had planned a trip to Badrinath and Mana Village. However unfortunately we were not able to make to to Badrinath or the Mana which is in the same route as the previous days snowfall had blocked the road. Yeah this was a unfortunate circumstance and we had to take it.

We went for a local trip to the few sangam ,waterfalls , hot springs and Temple. So yeah the Badrinath temple is closed during winter and there is an alternate temple which you can visit nearby to Auli. So yeah these are just options in case you had a situation.

Day 3

Alright so we had reach the last day of the trip where we had planned the hiking , to reach the Auli lake we took the Rope way and then we started our trek for 6 km , though it was a short hiking walking at 14,000 feet and in snow it was a really brand new and hackneyed experience. The resort had provided us with a guide who came along as there might be bears and other wild animals so please take a local person or a guide if you are planning this trek. Not to scare you but we had seen the foot print of bear and it was a relief we only saw the foot prints ;)

Evening when we were back near the lake we were damn hungry and had some food and Maggie as it was the ultimate highlight of our day. Sitting on the snowy mountains, the chilled winds and eating hot Maggie altogether make the Maggie more delicious.

And here our trip comes to an end. We took the cab back to Haridwar and took the Train to Delhi and the flight back to Bangalore.

It was a sweet, refreshing and one of the most memorable trip i had till date.