Left Myself Somewhere there "Leh"

16th Jun 2016
Photo of Left Myself Somewhere there "Leh" 1/10 by Jessi

Sometimes you've got to be your own hero ;)

1. You will never be ready until you go.There is nothing like preparation or planning.. it will work out ,may be not the way you thought,may be better or worse,but if you want it,it will.We decided at the bus stand that we are going to Leh. Until then , it was just an idea to go somewhere--Spiti or Leh. No clue of the distance ,routes or transport arrangements.

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2.Its gonna be bumpy,plain,up and down.Yes,literally the roads or i should say something like roads are going to throw you here and there. You will be afraid but soon you get used to it. There is actually no choice so yeah you have to bear it all. :)

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3.Food and water all around but no hunger or thirst. I spent days eating a spoon or two of rice or just biscuit/chips and that too out of compulsion. May be the beautiful mountains lakes and clouds are enough to feed your body and soul.

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4.No track of date or time. To be honest,it felt like time has stopped.After 2 or 3 hours,you see that only 50 kms is covered.There was infinite time to think about things,,,lot of things.Even after continuously moving for about 20 hours or more,it wasn't painful at all.I guess the mind adapts to it,not sure how,but yeahh,,it becomes a part of you--The Movement.

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5.It wasn't easy.Yes the distance is long,about 1200km only Up to the Mountains until you reach to a height of 15000-18000 feet. The oxygen was thin,fell sick a couple of times,also wanted to die after puking for about 10 times but then,i don't know what kept me going. May be coz,it's not the way it is supposed to end. There is still a lot more to see.And if you give up now,you wont't be able to step out the next time.

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6.Family and friends are important.You actually don't forget them and they will always be a part of your journey either in your mind or physically. There is always an urge to leave everything and everyone behind and go to some place far enough where nobody could find you. There were times when i used to think of not coming back....but when you are in that space and time,people who are special and are a part of your life will always be with you. You miss them,you miss your bed,the blanket,you miss the hot tea by your couch,watching the same tv series again and again, the chaos and the fun. I guess this is what life is all about. To do different things and go really far to realize where your heart belongs.

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7.Nature is the best artist. You can capture the beauty,the moment in the photograph but never the life.There are no words in the world which can describe your journey.It will be always in your heart and eyes and someone has to take the road to live that.No other way.

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8.It will never be enough. Once you are back,you miss it,even if it was the toughest thing you ever did. Even if it made you cry at times but you miss it. Adventure is never enough.It always reminds how strong you are and there is nothing in the world you cannot do.If it is in your mind, it is in your life.

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9.So many people are always waiting for the right time,for the right season for the right people to go with.I am not sure if that "Perfect" time exists, at least I haven't seen so i don't know. But what i know is that the sh*t that makes your heart beat faster and your eyes glow when you do it or talk about it ,no matter if it is hiking,yoga,gardening ,painting,meditation,photography,going for walks,helping others--do that.Do it as often as you can.Because that's what life is about.Creating as many passionate ,happy moments as possible. 

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 Don't let anyone stop you from doing the things you love--not even yourself...<3 <3