15th Jun 2016
Photo of Makedatu 1/2 by Karthik Chandrashekar
Cauvery Water between the ROCK
Photo of Makedatu 2/2 by Karthik Chandrashekar

Mekedatu is just 4 kms from Sangam. You must cross the river at sangam in order to visit mekedatu. If it is summer, there will be less water (as in the picture above) and you can walk through the river. In other seasons you have to cross the river by boats. As Sangam and Mekedatu are close to each other, both the places have to be combined in one single visit. 'Mekedatu' means 'goat's leap' in Kannada language.

Once you cross the river, you have two options to go to mekedatu. You can take the old noisy bus or take a walk to mekedatu depending on your physical strength, money and time. Walking will be more enjoyable though, bus will be faster. The bus will take 50 rupees per head. The same bus is shuttling between Sangam and Mekedatu. The frequency depends on the availability of people.

Day 1

The picture below is the point at Mekedatu where people sell water, lemon drinks and butter milks. The sign board warns you to be careful as this is a “dangerous place”.