Sikkim, Heaven and Peace on Earth - Part 1st

16th Jan 2019


Photo of Sikkim, Heaven and Peace on Earth - Part 1st by Aditya Kulshrestha (Travellock)
Day 1

Well, All set! my camera, backpacks, all essentials and Finally I am leaving for marking one more tick in my Bucket-list. I left for Noida to my friend's place from my home town "Agra"! by train(SL). Yeah! my flight is on the next morning.

Day 2

Good Morning, I am on my way to the airport, took a flight and landed in Ranch, it's around 2 pm, here I had to attend an event but eventually and sudden mood changes, now I am not going to attend that event! Yeah, it sounds Lil-bit freaky! But Yes, I am like this always...Once I was here too for my exam, And that time I also went to my friend's place in Jamshedpur! So I remember all the ways of here and hitting me as nostalgic feel.

From here I took an Ac bus, it takes around 3.5hrs And now I am in Jamshedpur with my college buddy friend. I halt here for 2 days and in between this, He took me on a ride around Jamshedpur and spent all day and visit some famous places of Jamshedpur like Parks, Lakes, Memorial. Yeah, it's a nice city and why not its TATA's city. By the way, it's is my third visit to Jamshedpur. The last one was memorable too and at that time we both went to the Gangtok & Darjeeling too. That was totally random plan, each & every single thing. At every moment we made sudden plans, that was totally different and interesting story And this time he was also joining us for Sikkim but now he has his exam, suddenly! and he is not coming with us. Yeah! "us". In the very beginning, when we booked the tickets for the trip, we were a count of 6.

Okay! For now, let's move ahead we are getting late, tonight I have my train for Kolkata.

Day 4

now I am struggling for cab/taxi cause they were charging very much and I was very much sure that I am not going to pay this much amount. By the way, I forget to tell you one thing! One of my college friends is also living here and I am heading to his place. I survived there for 2hr. I tried to get a local bus, but that was very hard for me cause of language barrier and dealing with a very messy system. In the end, I booked my cab through the Uber and don't know how I got the cheaper price suddenly! In the meanwhile I am waiting for my cab, I went to just in front of Howrah Bridge & What a spectacle view I got!! woahhhh...I tried to capture that view and here the results are...

Howrah Bridge

Now! I am in my cab and both flights are also landed from Delhi. Yes, three of my friends are landed in Kolkata & they also are in the same way where I am heading to and Yup, they are also my college friends. Now, what about another one? Yeah! The same problem, he has his same exam and he is also not coming with us. Between this, I got to know that one of my friend's major backpack is missing from the Airport. Finally, we all met at Kolkata's friend's place And that bag was not landed in Kolkata, it was still in Delhi due to some technical issues but soon we will get that bag in Sikkim. Thanks to the Airline's cooperation. We freshen-up and done some chit-chat and had our Food And we four left for Kolkata visit with our luggage. First, we went to Eco Park, really that was too good. After that, we visit Victoria's Memorial, it's a really great structure and again it's my third visit to Kolkata so my friends enjoying everything but in the very deep down they are not liking very much the Kolkata's Vibes, they just won’t leave from here asap.

Victoria's Memorial, kolkata

Photo of Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Aditya Kulshrestha (Travellock)

Now we head to Howrah station, from here we had to take our Humsafar (train name) to New Jalpaiguri Junction. We head margin of more than 2hr so we went to Ghat(river-front) of Hubbli River that is exactly in front of the Railway station. After that, we board on the train and had our dinner and slept well! Thanks to Humsafar, is one of the finest passenger trains in India.

Ghat & view of Howrah Bridge in night

Photo of Howrah, West Bengal, India by Aditya Kulshrestha (Travellock)
Day 5

In the morning around at 10 am we are at NJP, the nearest railway station to Sikkim. We went outside and there sharing taxi services are available in the span of every 15mins for all near and tourist cities like Darjeeling, Sikkim, somewhere in Bhutan(name not remembered), Siliguri, Bagdogra Airport and for some local places too. I know already all these things from my past journey. So from here four of us, two took a taxi for Sikkim and will manage all further things like Stay and Book a private Taxi for Whole 6 Days for Sikkim visit And other two went to Bagdogra Airport for that Bag.

In the way to Gangtok, Sikkim from NJP is very scenic and freshen-up all your moods. Waterfalls, Rivers, Cloud on Roads, Rainbow, that hilly terrain too. It was too fantastic but tiring too cause of sharing taxi and lots of curves & turns. Now it's evening, we all are in the hotel, just woke-up from our sleep around 7 pm. We all got ready for Mall road visit, it just takes a few minutes to walk and steps away from our stay. In between we had sweets And I remembered that cafe from my last visit The "Role House" cafe, they serve best and original Momos of the hill, Like Typho the bigger version of MoMo. So, We went there and had different-different types of momo, it was so delicious. After this, we came back to our stay and had a good sleep that's how our first day spent in Gangtok. 

Roll House, Gangtok

Photo of Gangtok, Sikkim, India by Aditya Kulshrestha (Travellock)
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