Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple

1st May 2015

Indonesia is a country with many tourist destinations in it. The one that makes tourists are interested to visit Indonesia is about the heritage culture. One of them is the temple of Borobudur. Borobudur Buddhist monument is the grandest and largest stupa complex in the world that recognized by UNESCO. And now Borobudur temple become a world heritage site UNESCO. This temple was built in the 9th century, which at that time was still thick with the Indonesian Buddhist culture in some of the kingdom. Borobudur is one of the acculturation of Buddhist culture and Javanese culture which describe the majesty of the gods in it. The temple is built with one hundred percent human hands, built on a hill with a height of 869 feet above the sea level. This ancient building even becomes one of the world heritage that very valuable. All the stones are arranged to be like a mountain and glued with the chicken egg white together. Something that is very great performed by the human in the past.

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 1/8 by Arland

How To Get There
To be able to get to the Borobudur temple, there are some alternatives that you can use. If you are from Jakarta, you can use a local plane heading to the airport of Adisucipto, Yogyakarta, then use the local public transport, use the Trans Jogja bus to Terminal Giwangan(Bus Station), from there ride was a mini bus to get to Giwangan-Borobudur. If you take the train from the city of Jakarta or other cities. Get off at Tugu station (for business class/executive class) and at Lempuyangan station (for business/economy class). And take the Trans Jogja bus to get to Jombor bus station. From the Jombor bus station, take a mini bus heading to Giwangan-Borobudur. Please be noted, the distance between the city of Yogyakarta to Borobudur temple about 42 KM.

Where To Stay

Around of Borobudur temple, there are dozens of hotels with various rates and facilities are varied. They are ready to pamper you during your vacation there. One recommended hotel is the Hotel Patra, only about 1.5 km away from the tourist sites of Borobudur, with the good facilities and the price is a very affordable.

The next alternative is Hotel Borobudur, located in front of the entrance of the temple of Borobudur. The price is more expensive, but the facilities provided equivalent to the rates offered, especially its location close to the city center.

What To Eat

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 2/8 by Arland
To Jogjakarta, is not complete without trying the local food. One of that you must try is Gudeg. Foods made from vegetables named gori it was very sweet for those who are not accustomed to eating. The color is brown and fry concentrated, usually supplied complete with chickens and eggs. If you try it you will be hooked!

The next meal is bakpia, or also called bakpia pathok. Bakpia is a kind of cake with a contents. In it there are many variations of stuffing, but the most famous is bakpia with the green beans, chocolate, cheese inside. You can make it as your snack during a walk around the temple of Borobudur.

Shopping And Souvenirs
If you want to go for hunt for souvenirs in Borobudur, there are many kind of souvenirs that you can buy, ranging from key chains, t-shirts, paintings Borobudur temple made of bamboo structure, and much more. In addition, you can switch to the center of the city of Jogjakarta, precisely at The Street of Malioboro(Souvenirs center). There are any gift and all sorts of souvenir on sale at cheap prices.

The Local Culture
Yogyakarta and Borobudur temple including in the area of Java Island, then the culture is used by the local community was still thick with the customary Java. More precisely the culture of DIY-Central Java. Javanese culture is not only displays the values of aesthetics, but this culture upholds the values of tolerance, conformity, harmony and balance in everyday life, java is not just the culture of high-value but also simplicity and modesty. The including in the Java culture is a traditional dance of Java, wayang, gamelan, literature, batik & keris.

Best Thing To Do and See

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 3/8 by Arland
the statue which leads to one side direction

Exploring each side of the temple, it is strongly recommended because of the uniqueness will you feel when you go up and surround each floor. On each floor there, depicts a story that begins at the one of the door and end up at the other door. These stories tell about the gods and told in the form of relief that was amazing. Highly recommended also for you to hire the services of a tour guide so that they can tell these stories in full to you.

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 4/8 by Arland

And if you have arrived at the peak of the temple, try an ancient myth that is trusted by locals. If you get there, try to hold the hand of the Buddha which is in the largest stupa. It is believed to bring the luck, mate and even prolong life. But, it is not easy actually because the stupa is really big, so just some of people who have a long hand and tiny arm that can reach the hand of Budha.

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 5/8 by Arland

Statue of budha by Sherwin lee

One more, you are also advised to take unique photos taken by eminent photographers in around of the temple. In the photo, you can style like was sitting in the temple, leaning on stupas, temples hold in your hand or be as one of the gods above of the temple. Express yourself as you like!!

Photo Gallery of Borobudur Temple

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 6/8 by Arland

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 7/8 by Arland

Photo of Borobudur Temple: Historical and Cultural Tour in Largest Temple 8/8 by Arland

The Nearest Tourist Destination

You can visit a famous tourist village with the potters there. His name is a Klipoh Village. There you will be presented with a wide range of pottery from the artists whose work.You can also give a gift to your relatives at home.

Completion of the Klipoh village, you can go to the Butterfly Park, there exist various kinds of butterflies that have been dried. A butterfly museum in Jogjakarta.

Next is Punthuk Setumbu, a hill in the distance of Borobudur, about 4 km to the west. There you can see the complete Borobudur temple from the above with the scenery which was amazing!

Before go home, Take a moment to visit Tegal Arum Village, which is famous with tempeh chips. And assorted souvenirs typical of Java and Jogjakarta are available in there.

Be careful when climbing the temple, if you are old or not in good condition do not force to get to the top and if you bring your children, don’t let him play or running alone.

It would be better if you visit there instead of in the days of school holidays or long holidays such as Eid, Christmas, semester breaks, or in local holiday due to this area will be crowded and claustrophobic. So you are not satisfied and free to explore all of side on Borobudur temple.