3days 3places

9th Dec 2018
Day 1

Mysore: For me it's a day filled with happiness, it was my first trip so I didn't dare to take a bike and roam. The rented bikes are available in Mysore.

      Our journey starts from railway station of Mysore from there we hired a auto for the near bus station. Bus station to chamundeshwari hills. The bus ride is really awesome the bends and turnings really scared me out, but then after getting out of the bus I felt happiness. After worshipping the goddess in chamundeshwari temple, there will be steps they will take you to view point of Mysore city, just by eye sight you can have look of the whole city(captured some photos). Then by following the steps will go to a place where you will have the darshan of nandini called to be a vehicle of Lord Shiva. After the darshan our next visit was Mysore palace called the beauty of Mysore it's a places or something which you have to see in the day time and even night time.

         From Mysore we've headed  out to have some snacks and then we hired an auto ( fare is cool) to a mall which is beside of Blue Radisson  Hotel. We had some snacks and some time in spending the mall. We've looked a park from outside called to Glass Park.

         It is such a small City where you can see all the things to visit in Mysore side by side or all are with in walkable distance. A place where everyone has to visit.

         I've told about night time in Mysore, visit Mysore palace in the night time it will be glowing with lights.

         All I can say about Mysore is wonderful place for my kind of people everyone can't be the same but everyone will like it.

Day 2

Mangalore: Place where we can chill out in the weekend.

          After getting out of the railway station of Mangalore junction we had quick plan for the next day we've got to book the tickets for Bangalore soo we went to the bus station to book tickets first from Mangalore to Bangalore.

        Our trip in Mangalore started, our first place to visit in Mangalore was a beach. From the bus station we booked the tickets we left to place near the beach where we have to take the ticket for a boat of a distance around 500m we have to cross that small River or something to reach the other side and need to walk a little to get to beach. My first time stepping in to the beach I removed my footwear Soo that I can feel the sand of the beach it's not like all the other sands it soo much different you won't feel like sand. We've got into the beach(Tannirbavi) we had spend around 3-4 hours in the beach, then after the shower we went to have lunch near to the beach we were two people with, money of around 250rs we have filled our stomach. Then went to some mall in around 10-15km away from beach spend sometime there. Then around 5'o clock we came to another mall which is near the bus station we have to catch the bus at 8'0 clock got some food and waiting for around more than 1hour for the bus. Then the bus arrived after getting out City lights on the highway I thought we would die for his driving, me and my friend didn't even sleep till around 2am then around 6am in the morning we reached Bangalore.

Day 3

Bangalore: City of dreamers and achiever's in my friends words. Rich city and good city.

        After booking the return tickets to home town. By the suggestion of the ticket booking service guy. We took a room for 1hour so we can have our bath and fresh up. After that directly we headed to Iskcon temple near to the place which we are, there was metro station we took ticket for the station near to Iskcon temple we spent around 2-2:30 hours in the temple. After the temple we went to art gallery museum and some other museum which are beside to each other. After that, there was a place called vidhan sabha we went to have look. Then after that we went to UB City Mall, it's not a place to spend more than one hour. Soo we came out and went to mall(Garuda) then after sometime we've decided to go for a movie, the ticket rates are heavy soo we didn't wanted by walking all the places we visited in the morning. Gone to the place where bus arrives.

        Waited for around 1-2 hours our bus arrived then directly to Hyderabad.