A morning walk in Nandi hills 


Nandi Betta is a hill 1200m above sea level and is just a 50km drive from Bangalore. It is incredibly beautiful in winter mornings and all through the monsoon days as gets filled with fog and spreads a mystical magic on the hill. To reach Nandi Hills, take the 6 lane Bellary road towards the new Bangalore International Airport and drive on the highway till Devanahalli. Continue on the highway and after a 5 minute drive from Devanahalli, you will see a left turn which takes you to Nandi Hills. For those who want to stay through the night, government accommodation(typical PWD guesthouse) is available in limited numbers but no other options. Food is available on the hill top but is very basic and don’t have high expectations.

Nandi hills might not be the best place to visit but definitely a not to miss place if you are in Bangalore . It was mid of December when me and a friend of mine decided to go to nandi hills , The question came weather we will be able to see the deepness of the mountain from top in December month or not it was really foggy . Alright we decided to go an started early morning about 6 am. 

It was some 1.5 hours from Raja ji nagar , The weather was lovely , Little dark with some fog but the decision was concrete. 

The last amazing stretch of driving was about 5 km in the Nandi Hills road and few kilometers along the hill road itself. Once we turned in to the Nandi Hills road from the National Highway, the driving experience was really amazing. It was one of the beautiful and scenic places I have ever seen.

Photo of A morning walk in Nandi hills  1/3 by Anshu
Photo of A morning walk in Nandi hills  2/3 by Anshu
Photo of A morning walk in Nandi hills  3/3 by Anshu

The best thing you will see around will be the grapes gardens and small shops of jack fruit . Feel free to drop by and take some for your family/friends .

The first encounter was of Monkies which were roaming on the road as well as near the area of Nani hills , try and do not expose the food . Never leave your car windows and doors open. Do not keep food in hand. Monkeys are pretty aggressive and they will grab the food .

We drove from Bangalore city in our car . If you are visiting from other cities, you can reach by Air, Train or Car or hire a taxi which will show you the nearest places as well.

Though anytime in the year is good for nandi hills , but try and visit Any time of the year is good to visit this hill station. The climate is moderate and never goes to the extremes. The temperature at summer goes up to 25~28C and in winter it falls as low as 8~10C. Lot of people visit during summer to escape from the heat in other parts of the country. Also, during the festivals in the temple, many devotees visit the place but that time it becomes a crowded place .

you can spend couple of hours there if you are visiting with the family . There is a small point from where you can see the deep dive of the vally , many of the visitors were standing and gazing the view from there .

People take bike , Cycles ,Car to nandi hills , We were surprise to see the highway were so well maintained that there was separate lane for the people who were two wheeler.

We also spent couple of hours and came back home with the fresh fruits and lovely memories .