Head to Agumbe this weekend for arts, music, green and everything in between 


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Photo of Head to Agumbe this weekend for arts, music, green and everything in between by Ayushee Chaudhary

Let the countdown for 2019 begin with an early New Year’s celebration this weekend. With a location as away from the city buzz as is the moon from the stars and experiences with a spectrum wider than a rainbow, the Bloom in Green Arts and Music Festival is set to take place in Agumbe this weekend. Band music, DJs, workshops, sessions, cycling, camping, you name it and they have it.

For the creative heads, the restless rangers, the nature lovers, the talkative ones, the quieter ones, the explorers, the foodies, the musicians, the storytellers, the artists, this is the one-stop for everyone to have a weekend like no other and revive your sloppy spirits within the embrace of nature.

What is Bloom in Green Arts and Music Festival?

Even though the name says it all, that’s not it. The Bloom in Green (BIG) festival is a big three-day celebration of arts, music, and everything that can make you feel alive and escape from the ordinary.

Organised by Soul Tribe Community based out of Bengaluru, the festival promises to be a magnetic amalgamation of music, art, nature and personal growth. This event is in line with the company's motto to establish a community that accelerates transformation on personal as well as cultural level.

Find out more about the festival here.

When should you head to the BIG Fest?

17 November 2018 to 19 November 2018 is when this three-day festival will take you to a parallel universe.

The BIG fest location

The festival is going to be held in one of the most fitting locations and a pet pick among the travellers. This cultural hub will come to life at Hingaara- The nature stay in Agumbe which is also referred to as the Cherrapunji of South India and the Malgudi of Karnataka.

The rain-forests of Agumbe offer a spectacle and experience like no other. About 350 kilometres from Bengaluru, Agumbe is well connected with buses that ply from the city. One can take a KSRTC bus or a Redbus to Agumbe and step down at Guddekeri which is 7 kilometres before Agumbe. From there you can take an auto or just follow the signs to the venue. There are also regular transport buses from Udupi to Agumbe. The organisers have also arranged a transportation as well. You can call on 9663712223 for further details.

Why should you go?


Also called ‘Hasiru Honnu’ meaning ‘green is gold’, Agumbe serves as the ideal location for the Bloom in Green festival. A scenic village located 249m above sea level in the Western Ghats, Agumbe is one of the last remaining low land rainforests and receives the second largest amount of rainfall in India.

Credits: Flickr

Photo of Head to Agumbe this weekend for arts, music, green and everything in between by Ayushee Chaudhary

Naturally, the place abounds in rich biodiversity, waterfalls, reserve forest, scenic views, and valleys. In addition, this is the best times to visit this King Cobra capital which also houses India’s sole permanent rain-forest research station.


The festival promises to make you grove on heart-throbbing and melodious tunes with some of the most reclaimed and bona fide bands and artists. The line-up includes the likes of “When Chai Met Toast”, a band whose genre can literally be described as happy; the power factory Madras Mail The Band, DJs varying from the tones of percussion to techno house among others.


From acrylic finger painting to making your own dream-catcher, from hula hooping to learning the art of making up-cycled art from the plastic workshop and poi spinning; the panorama of workshops will surely make you get your mind off the mundane routine and befriend yourself as well as many others like you. You can also try your hands at various instruments, photography and stay engaged the whole day as much as you like.


That’s still not all, the BIG festival also has storytelling sessions, open mics, fire acts and midnight jamming session around bonfire among other things to make it a highly enriching and unforgettable experience. Have your hands full.


To get you further close to nature and away from your everyday life, the festival allows you to enjoy camping for two nights.


With food trucks bordering the area and stalls lighting up the place, the venue will have several options where you can chose from to enjoy your preferred drink and grab a bite.

Wondering about the tickets?

Ranging between ₹3,999 and ₹4,999, the tickets are available online as well as on the spot. The tickets are not just an entry into this cultural haven but accessibility to any and every workshop as well as the performances and of course tents, sleeping bags and tent mats which you will be provided at the venue, so no hassle.

And don't worry if the weekend is already here, the boat hasn't sailed yet. You can still go and attend the BIG fest for the remaining day or two as it suits you.

To know the line-up for each day or any further FAQs, check here.

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