Travel the new world


Imagine a place where you can find people but no traffic, a place where you find a reason not to blink your eyes for a moment, a place where you feel the cold winds with the beautiful sunlight at the same time, a place when you close your eyes at night and suddenly you can hear your heartbeat with your smile, a place where you find real PEACE.

Photo of Travel the new world 1/2 by Ashish Sharma

TOSH is a beautiful village near to kasol which is surrounded by beautiful mountains in the parvati valley. Once you reach to Kasol you can hire taxi from there, it will take 1.30 hour to reach tosh from kasol. The moment you step out from your car you can feel that place , you can see the white mountains all around you. People wearing smile in their faces for you. You need to cross the bridge for entering in to village but you can see everything from that bridge ( mountains, cold water river, nature and snow ). You can go there anytime of the year but i suggest you to go there in january or in february if your willing to feel and see the real beauty of nature. You will also get good indian food there and if your going in season time ( April - August ) then you will get israeli and italian food as well. When its comes about best place in tosh then there are 3 places which makes you feel special when you reach on those places.

Kutla : - kutla is small trek from tosh which lead you to a place where you can see the world from the sky and i bet you haven't seen anything like that in ur entire life, you can take your camp along with you and spend a bonfire night with your friends. It's always cold out there so don't forget to take your stuffs which keeps you warm. ESHU Cafe : - Altough there are many cafes in tosh but Eshu cafe is different and its make you feel connected to nature. It's a last cafe of tosh near the waterfall. you can hear the running river water and also see the breathtaking views from there. And if you wanted to sit upon the rock beside the running waterfall with your partner then you only need to take 5 minutes walk from your cafe. Alien place : - This is one of the most secret and adventures place in tosh, not everyone used to go there because you need to walk through backside of apple garden in the jungle on the very small path. It's quite adventures to reach there and you can ask for way from ESHU cafe's owner but the most beautiful thing about that you can hear the voice of billion gallons of water falling from a huge waterfall. you can sit on that quiet place and listen the story of nature from that falling water. At one point you will think that might be you are going on the wrong way but i suggest you to follow the voice of water.

Most important thing about that place that you don't need to plan according to your budget. That place is in your budget, it will cost you 5 to 6 thousand for 3 days and 4 nights. You will not find any 3 stars hotels over there but there are many good cafes and local hotels where you can stay and believe it or not but you will get eye catching view form anywhere you stay. If you want to spend some days for yourself or with your love ones in the peace and between the real nature then that's a perfect place to go.

Photo of Travel the new world 2/2 by Ashish Sharma

The most beautiful thing about the nature is, its always gives you joy, happiness , beautiful moments and PEACE. We all just need to respect the nature and care of it like its your own. Then Only you can find the peace and after that you will find YOURSELF.