Triyuginarayan:A flames of Eternity

13th Nov 2020
Photo of Triyuginarayan:A flames of Eternity by anonnymously
Day 1

Uttarakhand is always known as land of supreme beings, Its totally filled with beautiful mountains and scared places.

Like one of the places I visited Triyuginarayan and its a never ending experience.

Its located in a small suburb 11-12km away from Sitapur.

Triyuginarayan is special know for the legendary marriage of god Shiva and goddess Parvati in the presence of god Vishnu and the temple is having a eternal fire, that burns in front of the temple from the times of the divine marriage.

The temple resembles KEDARNATH TEMPLE in architectural style and also have ponds of Rudra Kund, Vishnu Kund, Brahma Kund and Saraswati Kund.

All together its a memorable place to visit a scared place.Till now peoples came here and took seven vows of marriage in front of the eternal flames.

Its a nearby spot to visit so if have your own convenience you can visit the place free of cost and for mandir darshan the nearby shops provide you thalis for a price of Rs50-Rs150 for puja.

Photo of Triyuginarayan Temple, Trijuginarayan, Uttarakhand, India by anonnymously

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Photo of Triyuginarayan:A flames of Eternity by anonnymously