10 things to do while you are in Nakuru 


Nakuru National Park is the abode to flamingos 

Photo of 10 things to do while you are in Nakuru by Sweta Chakraborty

Kenya has been the bull's eye for travelers who are in love with the wild life. Being the most progressive country of East Africa, the country has seen influx of migrants, investors since and before the period Britishers left for good. Nakuru is known as the fastest developing town of East Africa. With great promises, to upgrade the status of Nakuru from a small town to that of the 'State of the art 'city, it has many things to offer a tourist. In case you have made up your mind to visit Kenya , make sure you visit Nakuru and explore the surroundings. The trip will impart immense pleasure and enrich your knowledge. Apart from exploring the capital city Nairobi, port city Mombasa, game drives of Masai Mara, Amboselli, Ol Pejeta conservancy, there are a few places surrounding Nakuru which will surely satisfy the travel spree of a travel freak.

Being a resident of Nakuru since the last 9 years, I had the opportunity of exploring places, and I can confidently recommend places that can be a ' must do' in your bucket list.

Baboon Cliff point, Nakuru National park

Photo of Nakuru National Park Office, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

Zebra at the Nakuru National park.

Photo of Nakuru National Park Office, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of Nakuru National Park Office, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of Nakuru National Park Office, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of Nakuru National Park Office, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of Nakuru National Park Office, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

1. Lake Nakuru National park: Known for the flamboyance of pink feathered flamingos and nearly extinct species white rhino, lake Nakuru is the reason tourists travel from miles. It will cost you 60$ if you are a foreign national and 10$ for residents as entry free to the park. Pay 200ksh extra for vehicles inside the park. You will find various flora and fauna that can overwhelm a traveller. Do not miss the glimpse of a Rothschild giraffe which is a rare species found here. The baboons are a common sight, so are the buffaloes. Be careful about the baboons. The carnivores found here are the lions, leopard, hyena, and various other herbivores that include elan, topi and antelopes.

Take a ride till the baboon cliff point where you can get the best scenic glimpse of the lake. Don’t miss a sight of the Makalia falls and the nearest picnic site.

View of the Menengai crater

Photo of 10 things to do while you are in Nakuru by Sweta Chakraborty

Geothermal power station, Menengai crater , Nakuru

Photo of Menengai Crater, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

2. Menengai crater: Make a trip to the menengai crater, a dormant volcano in the Nakuru region. There are tales of war between the Masai tribes once upon a time. If you ask any local, you'll hear stories of war and men buried in between the crater. If you are fond of photography this will be the most desired place. You can be a bit adventurous and dare to trek, cycle. See the geothermal power stations and pose near the famous post, engraved directions.

Photo of Lake Elementaita, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

3. Lake Elementaita: Visit the second best, beautiful and wondrous Lake Elementaita, situated in between Nakuru and Naivasha. You will get comfortable places to stay like Sunbird Lodge, Jacaranda hotel and Sleeping warriors hotel. The flora and fauna is very similar to the Nakuru national park. Flamingos are plentiful and the greatest attraction. Never miss the sight of 'sleeping warrior' a hill that resembles a masai warrior in sleeping position. You may see his nose and the undulations often imagined to be the body of the warrior. Much of the area falls under the Soyasambu conservancy.

Preserves at the Hyrax hill site

Photo of Hyrax Hill Museum, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of Hyrax Hill Museum, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

4. Hyrax Hill site: Neolithic men settled in the Nakuru region? Surprised? Oh please dont'. Pre historic settlers dating almost 3,000 years back used to settle in the central rift valley region. Archaeological excavations reveal various tools and equipments used by them, and now carefully preserved inside the museum. The museum was initially the house of Mr. A Selfe, and then converted to a government asset in 1965. Tourists set their feet here in the hyrax prehistoric site, visit the tortoise pit, trek, and also come for picnic.

Equator at Mogotio, Kenya

Photo of Mogotio Equator Curio Centre, Nakuru - Sigor Road, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

You are at the Equator

Photo of Mogotio Rd, Nairobi, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

5. Equator at Mogotio, Baringa county: Kenya is a place where the equator passes through. Baringo is a beautiful county, will mesmerize you with its lush greenery and awesome lake. Visit the equator passing from here, and stop for sometime. Watch the African mama demonstrate simple experiments referring to the deflection of wind to the south, north and at the equator. It's fun observing the simple experiments. Buy some simple artifacts helping the local artisans.

Lord Egerton castle

Photo of Egerton Castle, Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

6. Lord Egerton castle: Lord Egerton castle is a havoc structure build over 740 acres of land. The pioneer of this construction was Lord Maurice Egerton. The construction started in 1938 but continued 14 years to be completed. Lord Egerton who took active role in world war one ( WW l), fell in love with a lady who belonged to some royal family of Europe. She termed this house as a chicken's coupe and made mockery of the same. Lord Egerton after being fed up of women lacking worth, spend the rest of his life with men, alcohol and gambling and barred women from entering his house. He passed away, but his house containing 52 rooms became a great attraction for a first timer to Kenya. Don't forget to pose near the lush green lawn.

Photo of Soysambu Conservancy, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

7. Soyasambhu conservancy: Bordering the lake Elementeita, and the rift valley area, is the famous soyasambu conservancy sprawling over an area of 48,000 acres. This is the home to various species of flora and fauna. Watch the mesmerizing spectacle of flamingos which would appear like pinkish cotton over the turquoise blue lake. The conservancy has been visited by various honchos like Amyn Aga Khan, Winston Churchill, and many more. In fact if you have seen Tomb rider, a part of the film was shot here. Enjoy various species of animals, especially the carnivores. You would love to watch the beguiling nature and the wild beauties that are a treasured asset of the conservancy.

Photo of Nakuru, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

8. Tour around Nakuru town: Don’t forget to take a tour of the famous Nakuru town. Stop at the historic Nakuru railway station, Rift valley sports club, and watch the business hours at the cbd. You can shop your necessities at various shopping malls. There is no dearth of medium and big chain of shopping malls here. A look at the industrial area, restaurants will give you a feel, why Nakuru is the most developing town of Eastern Africa.

Cascading Thompson waterfalls @ Nyahururu

Photo of 10 things to do while you are in Nakuru by Sweta Chakraborty

9. Trip to Nyahururu: Plan a trip to the Nyahururu , and enjoy the sight of the magnificent Thompson falls, while you travel almost 67 km from Nakuru and a two hour travel by road. Trek to the waterfall area which is a slippery track, but an exciting one. Stay to the side of the trail, else you have chances to skid. Observe the spark of the sunlight at the tip of the waterfall. On the way, you may oversee the equator. Don't forget to pose there. There are places to stay near the beautiful place. Wake up at the chirping of birds and the burbling of the rippling waterfalls.

10. Naivasha lake: Visit Naivasha Lake, infested with hippos and other carnivores. Experience a ride in the boat exploring the lake, flora and fauna. If you are a great admirer of wild life based movies, visit the home of Joy Adamson, who reared Elsa, the lioness leaving her in the wild. Her house is now converted to a museum, at Elsamere.

Africa is a sacred place for those who are ardent nature lovers. Kenya, is plethora of natural resources, and of course the flora and fauna, that has remained a treasured asset attracting millions of visitors every year across the globe.

Fauna and flora around lake Naivasha

Photo of Lake Naivasha, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty

Boating in the pristine blue waters of Lake Naivasha

Photo of Lake Naivasha, Kenya by Sweta Chakraborty