My First Snowfall

2nd Mar 2019
Photo of My First Snowfall by Sneha

It had been quite a while that I had not been able to go to any place. Going to Kufri was not a planned trip. So, five of us packed our bags and left for Kufri at midnight.

We only took one break on our way to Kufri and halted at renowned Sukhdev to have Prathas after which, we hopped back in the car.

On our way to Kufri, we saw snow on the roadside and prayed to see snowfall.

Day 1

We reached our hotel Kufri Holiday Resort around 10 am, got settled in our rooms and slept off as we had not slept even for a minute throughout our journey. It was 4pm when I woke up and not even in my wildest dream could I imagine what I had witnessed. Something amazing for people who have never seen and there was this amazing snowfall right in front of my eyes (It's in my story, cannot add the link or video; not supported. please check out the first story if anyone wanna see the snowfall which I recorded).

It was too cold to stay out there so, I stayed in my room and enjoyed the view from my window.

Later, we guys played dumb charades and had our dinner and slept off as we had to leave the next morning.

The next morning when I woke up, it was all snow around me. Also, I found a swing behind hotel.

and of course, we all started hitting each other with snowballs and enjoying ourselves.

After spending good amount of time, it was time for us to leave and start the drive to Delhi. But before that, I made sure to capture a lens ball click.

Happy Travelling!!