A Cup Of Coffee That Changed My Life


A cup of coffee that changed my life!

Photo of A Cup Of Coffee That Changed My Life by Parampara Patil Hashmi

Here’s a little story from one of my recent travels. It’s called, ‘A Cup of Coffee that Changed My Life’. Now when I say that, I promise you I am not exaggerating one bit. If you have been following my social media, and the vlogs, you probably have heard this story before.

We love traveling by train across Europe and so we had our reservations in place for our entire itinerary. His particular incident happened on our train journey from Lucerne, Switzerland to Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

To make the most of our day, especially since days are shorter in winter, we had reserved our seats on a 7:30 train to Vaduz. Obviously, waking up in winter mornings is a pain too!

One chilly winter morning in Lucerne, Switzerland…

We woke up in time, enough to get ready and rush to the train station. But we had to let go our breakfast! Being a night owl, I am usually dysfunctional in the mornings, especially without my dose of caffeine.

Obviously, I took advantage of the fact that the trains had a restaurant and I soon rushed for my coffee.

The coffee had been ordered. And while it was readied, I proceeded to pay!

BAMMM! My card was declined and I had walked up to the restaurant coach without any cash. This meant I would have to walk back 3 coaches to get the money for my coffee.

A Cup of Coffee…


There was a middle-aged man standing there with his friend as they were chatting, waiting for their coffee. Just like many other people around there.

He didn’t hesitate a moment before paying up for my coffee, with a kind smile he said, “Everyone must get their morning cup of coffee!”

I did refuse, but he insisted I take it as a treat. The coffee was all ready, so I had no option but to take it.

I thanked him and he smiled back.

I started walking back to my seat, smiling to myself.

I was never going to see him again!

In case you’re hoping this to be a love story, it isn’t.

I met a stranger on a train, who did something so naturally kind without expecting anything in return.

Yes, it was just a cup of coffee!

But did he really need to buy me my coffee?

Did he ask or look back with expectations?

He was absolutely normal about it.

Oh yes! Such people exist.

A Cup of Coffee Changed My Life

A stranger made me smile by buying me a cup of coffee without expecting anything. I don’t know why he did it! Kindness? Yes.

But the greater takeaway was that with this act of his, I realised the power of selflessness.

We often do something for someone in return of something. It could be money, favour, rewards, satisfaction, love, anything.

But to overlook all of that and do something because it can make them happy is far superior thought.

It’s on my bucket list to pass on that cup of coffee, that broad smile, that deed of selflessness to someone else too!

The world is a much better place with that spirit and a cup of coffee was enough to make me realise that!

Have you experienced such selfless before? If not, be the one to initiate it.

Do share your story in the comments below.

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